Friday, August 24, 2012

Growing Up Fast

Hello everyone, how are y'all doing? So far, I am starting to adjust with my "Alone-Time" at home without the kids in the morning. Waking up early is the hard part especially for the kids because they got spoiled waking up a little late during the school break.
Their Book Bags.
This week, they have to bring cold lunch in school as  hot lunch  is not available yet.  Hot lunch will start  next week.  Although hot lunch is offered, there are days that I still have to prepare them cold lunch as they don't like the menu in school.
I documented Ms. Burrito's  Kindergarten  years  so I want to do the same for  our little man.  He seldom cooperates in front of the camera but I managed to take some.
Ms. Burrito's class room, she's in second grade now and her room is  located  near Mr. Burrito so it's a plus.
In our street, only us has small kids so they are very close to our neighbors whose kids are grown up already.  
With Tita Angie.
Photos above were taken yesterday, their third day.   It's only the fourth day today but Mr. Burrito has a cold already.  My kiddos are growing up so fast.  They are already talking about the appropriate grade where they can walk to and from school by themselves.  By then, Mommy won't be allowed to walk with them no more wahhh.  Oh boy!

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