Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Volleyball Season: Last Game Today

This year's volleyball season went so fast.  They started the game on the first week of  March and  today will be their last game.  Unlike last  year, all the games this season was held in  Bishop John King Muscio.  I liked last season because we got to have the game here in our  school but this year was different.  Nevertheless, it still fun  and it is more intense  as they advance in grades.  
Our school have two teams, the white and the blue.  Our daughter   is on the white team.  They played against the blue team  on the first game.  The blue team won but it did not  stop the  white team from winning some games against the other school's team. So far they have played 7 games, they lost 3  and today will be their last game.
Our daughter got some scrapes and bruises during the last game last week but  that's not stopping her from participating on today's game.  
She's kind of disappointed that they lost three games but we told her that it is part of  playing team sports.  She got used to last season where they never experience a loss.
The best deal here is that, she gets to learn  lessons  such as working  together to achieve a common goal and that she gets to experience how it is  to handle defeat.  In life, you will not win with all your battles but the most important thing to remember is to  learn from that experience no matter the outcome is.
The camaraderie in sports is what the most important lesson these young athletes could learn.  It is not easy to  work  in teams but if you want to achieve  a common goal, you  will learn how to work together.  
Another  new this year was their uniform.  They have long sleeves shirts unlike the jersey they wore last year.  I thought that having their own shirt instead of using the  school sports uniform is better as they get to keep the shirt after the season is over.
Next season, they will have to play with the teams that  they played last season.  This year, they played with the new batch of players from the  lower grades.  Volleyball is the only sports my daughter love.  She never really got interested in  other sports which is okay with me because having so many   sports  at the same time is quite difficult.  Volleyball and piano is what she is involved in.
  I was looking forward to  the Tennis this Spring but the coaches never sent out an info so I am guessing that they did not have it  this Spring.  We do however play it as a family, we all love  playing tennis.  We are also doing Jui-Jitsu as a family.  We started it this month and so far we are  enjoying it.  Hubby and I get to do it together and the kids get to do it too.  Self defense is something I really want all of us to learn especially the kids.  Hopefully, we can stick to it and fully learn it.

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