Friday, January 31, 2014

Firearm Safety and Gun Violence

 Individuals who are concerned about gun control need to make sure that they can use metal detectors in schools to prevent gun violence in schools.  This is something many people are highly concerned about. Gun violence is something that is affecting individuals and more specifically, our children. Even though the horrific school shootings grab all of the headlines, the number of children affected by firearms in the home are many. Ways that you can protect against gun violence are numerous and it all starts in the home. There are some things that individuals can do to protect children. Ways to protect children both in and out of the home are important. 

Studies have shown that many of these firearm shootings are actually accidental shootings that happen in the home. In fact guns in the home hurt or kill 10,000 children in the U.S. every year. 39 percent of US homes have firearms and properly securing these weapons are very important to make sure that children stay safe. This is fundamental to making sure less children are hurt or killed by firearms every year.

The majority of shooting in the home can be prevented by the use of safety devices, safety devices like locked gun cases for instance. With more than 20 children per day being injured by gun violence, it only makes sense that individuals should do whatever they can to protect children against gun violence in the home. The extraordinary number of children that are killed by gun violence have reinforced the fact that gun safety in America needs to be dealt with. Brain and spinal cord injuries account for the largest numbers of deaths from guns and or gun injuries in the US. Of the gun statistics that have been cited, the vast majority almost 5,000, come from assaults. 2000 injuries roughly came from accidents and the rest were from suicide attempts.

Studies have looked at making it illegal for anyone in the US under 21 to own a handgun. Even thought you have to be 21 to drink in alcohol, in many states an 18 year old can purchase a gun legally from a gun show, or from a private seller. The fact that young people can purchase guns also makes them something that could be used in school shootings. The people who are involved in shooting in the schools are almost all under 21.
Most of he school shooters have been teenagers. Making sure that 18 years can not legally purchase a gun may be a step in the right direction to making sure that children are protected while they are in a school setting. Striving to keep guns out of the hands of young people may be one of the ways to keep guns away from children. 

Another thing training personnel in schools may help These are very important steps need to taken to protect children. This is one of the things schools need to do to protect their students. Every school should also install a metal dectector to help prevent school shootings.

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