Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finding Great Gifts For A Baptism Day

It really can be confusing if you schedule for an exercise to find your loved one's gifts for a baptism day. For one, you will have to consider various aspects and weigh them in contrast to your personal preferences and taste. And while doing all that, you must factor the intended person along with their taste and personal preferences too. This then gives you a daunting task, all in the name of fulfilling your wish or even promise to them. Among the factors to consider will be their age and gender in addition to the already mentioned taste and preferences.

The best approach to finding the intended gift is by taking it from the target person's perspective. You will need to first conduct some simple search as to what they will probably be fascinated with. However, you have to ensure you take them by surprise while doing all that. They are not supposed to know or even contemplate that you are inquiring what they like, as this will virtually reduce the perceived value of your gift to the. Best gifts are ones that come by surprise, even when they are very much expected. you therefore need to do it indirectly, most preferable via their friends or associates who are considerably open with them.

You probably may present to them a personalized item, for example a bible that is customized on the cover showing it was particularly intended for them. In this approach you may just purchase a standard bible but replace the outer cover with one that you personally designed but done professionally to show artistry and uniqueness altogether. If you can also add their names on the cover design it really will be an icing on the cake!

On another approach, jewelry could make a big impression too. If with feminine gender, consider something like a necklace but one that is of precious metal and get their names engraved on it.  This really can be fascinating especially with the three most regarded precious metals; gold, silver and bronze. And while the necklace may not work with everyone, some other kind of jewelry certainly will. All you will ensure is its quality and uniqueness. At least that is what spells out your effort and value in finding them some presentable gift for that memorable day.

One good thing with jewelry is that it will always remain to be seen, so the gifted person will always stick to the beautiful memory of that day!

Other forms of gifts may come as a service, and that can be confirmed with the intended person before the day. Also you may consider edible eateries whether as stand alone gifts or supplements. Some nice soft drinks and delicious dishes and at some gorgeous environment will add to the spice up. Also consider trips and styled photos on that day.

Even as you strain on the baptismal gift, what really makes it valuable and compelling is the personal touch that comes along with it. And, this impact on the other hand is determined by their personalities and taste other than yours. Be sure to factor all the above points even as you search for the best gifts for a baptism day.
Photo taken during the baptism of our friend's daughter  two years ago

School Olympics at St. Joseph School 2013

WARNING!  Photo Overload...

I like the school where my kids are in because the population is small, hence, everybody knows everybody.  It's a close community  where everyone supports each other.  Parents and other patrons  help out the school by  volunteering  with events and other programs of the school as they don't really get  the full funding from the government.  We pay  tuition fees, buy our children's  stuff, pay for different activities but it is worth it.
Last May 23, they had the  school Olympic, a fun way of closing the school year.  Family and Friends were invited so I went and took a lot of pictures while cheering for my kids while they competed.  My husband said that he  will take a day off next year as he missed this year's  event.  
Congratulations EJ!
Great effort Burritos!
Mom and Dad are proud of you Burritos!
As you can see in the photos, teachers and parents are so involve while the kids are doing their best. Believe me, I almost lost my voice cheering lol.
Our son placed 1st in three different games which includes ,50 meter dash, potato spoon (he's got great balance on this one and never dropped the potato on the floor), and wheel barrel with his partner Dominic. Our daughter's class placed 2nd in tug of war event.
The kindergarten has a pizza party after  the  event.  The teacher bought them pizza and  cake for dessert.
Happy faces of 2nd Graders with their teacher
The kindergartner with their proud teacher.
The school year ends with a day of fun and a celebration of mass at church on the last day.

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...