Tuesday, June 4, 2013

School Olympics at St. Joseph School 2013

WARNING!  Photo Overload...

I like the school where my kids are in because the population is small, hence, everybody knows everybody.  It's a close community  where everyone supports each other.  Parents and other patrons  help out the school by  volunteering  with events and other programs of the school as they don't really get  the full funding from the government.  We pay  tuition fees, buy our children's  stuff, pay for different activities but it is worth it.
Last May 23, they had the  school Olympic, a fun way of closing the school year.  Family and Friends were invited so I went and took a lot of pictures while cheering for my kids while they competed.  My husband said that he  will take a day off next year as he missed this year's  event.  
Congratulations EJ!
Great effort Burritos!
Mom and Dad are proud of you Burritos!
As you can see in the photos, teachers and parents are so involve while the kids are doing their best. Believe me, I almost lost my voice cheering lol.
Our son placed 1st in three different games which includes ,50 meter dash, potato spoon (he's got great balance on this one and never dropped the potato on the floor), and wheel barrel with his partner Dominic. Our daughter's class placed 2nd in tug of war event.
The kindergarten has a pizza party after  the  event.  The teacher bought them pizza and  cake for dessert.
Happy faces of 2nd Graders with their teacher
The kindergartner with their proud teacher.
The school year ends with a day of fun and a celebration of mass at church on the last day.


  1. looks like the kids had a wonderful time. this is such a fun post. I can see the burrito's happiness through and through. good job kids!

  2. The kids were having so much fun in the games, what a delightful way to end the school year.. hooray!!!

  3. Looks so fun! Yes, a school where there are only a few students is a nice one as teachers would get to interact with the students in a fair amount of time. Yay to the end of school!

  4. that sure is a fun way to end the school year, there are a lot of advantages for small school especially for formation years, those kids look like having a lot of real fun

  5. that was really a cool event....it's obvious that the kids were having a blast...:)

  6. Congrats to your kids. They are athletics and energetic. I am so sure the parents have a good time too.

  7. Oh it sure looks like a lot of fun! I'd really prefer kids to play games like these rather than computer games.

  8. Awww! What a fun day to end the school for your kids :-) Both of them had a blast and see how happy their faces are. Congrats to your kids for finishing this school year with higher awards too. Our kids will also have their Olympics next week or so :-)

  9. looks like everyone is having fun! like you, we chose smaller school for our kids...where in everyone might knew each other and it feels like one small happy community. :) congrats to your kids.

  10. Oh the look in their faces! Priceless. Everyone looks so happy with the school olympics!

  11. That's the good thing about close community because like you said everybody knows everybody :) the parents and teachers support are definitely a wonderful thing.

  12. Now I want Ykaie to grow up and attend the bigger schools so we can experience a school olympics

  13. That is a great way to end the school year--actually since it is held inside maybe they should do it mid year as well!! The kids looked like they had a blast and were getting much needed exercise as well!!

  14. Looks like so much fun! I know in school I wasn't able to do a lot of these exercises, so these are so important for kids to be able to stay in decent shape unlike I was back then. Plus I'm sure it's so exciting to come in first place! I remember in 3rd grade we did a bunch of laps and most kids got 30 or more and I was so happy with my 12 laps, I felt so accomplished.

  15. Love the warning at the top! Funny I was just teaching my 3yo the crab walk today. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  16. The crab walk would have killed me!!

  17. i miss being a kid and just play around and have fun.:)

  18. Sounds like a wonderful school to send your child to school to, mommy Rose. And I can tell the event was a success and a fun one for not just kids, but for everyone. How wonderful!

  19. Isn't that fun watching your kids during their sport's feast


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