Monday, March 31, 2014

On Getting Married

I talked top my mother today for   about  one and  half hours regarding my sister who was hospitalized from a bad infection.   She went to the city to check on my sister because she was so worried.   I was worried sick too when my friend informed me that she was in the hospital because I know that she  doesn't have anybody there to help her out. Glad that she has her boyfriend   there who  rushed her to the hospital.  My sister is now out of danger so my mother is going back to our town.

She mentioned that her house  is in badly need of repair especially the  steel bars of the windows that got rusted.  She said that she will need some Steel Supplies  for the repair.  That means that I have to include that budget to my next  budget allocation.  I wish I have extra  income to subsidized my  family's needs all the time.  I am  grateful that  my mother understand  our situation here.  We do send her  her money as much as we could  to help her out.   My Mom told me that she talked to my sister about  focusing on   passing the licensure examination for teachers before thinking of getting married so she could secure her  license to teach first before settling down.  I told my Mom that it was a needed conversation with my sister because I was  worried about it too.  I hope that she would listen to us  because it is for her own good.  Otherwise, she might  want to Check out these Wedding Ribbons if she decided the other way.

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