Thursday, August 29, 2013

Revamping a School Over the Summer

The summer holidays are the prime opportunity for a school’s maintenance team to get to work and get it looking its best before the new intake in September, and time is running out if you want to do all the necessary work in time without having all the pupils around. It’s far easier for everyone to get all the work done in this time period, and it won’t inconvenience anyone, so if you’re going to be making any changes to your school, do it now while you still have time.

If your classroom furniture is looking a little old and tired, replace it with some brand new desks, chairs and storage units for a more modern feel in the classroom. It can have a strong psychological impact for children and teenagers to work in a place that looks like it takes education seriously, so you could find that behavior improves and focus is boosted when pupils walk into a learning environment that looks the part.

It’s best to keep your displays current, so replace backing paper on wall displays and get them ready for the new topics you will be covering. This keeps everything looking fresh and means you can show off the best work of the new students as well as giving everyone in other year groups the chance to see their own work on display at some point.

Presumably at the start of the summer holidays the school was thoroughly cleaned, but remember that teachers may be popping in over the summer to prepare resources and get their classrooms ready. This could mean that there is a little mess that is left over that needs to be sorted out before the children return, so make sure your cleaning team are able to check the school over once more the week before everyone returns or on an inset day.
It might also be a good idea to ask a health and safety expert to come along and check everything over. There are lots of things that can go wrong in a school, and if you’re not an expert yourself it can be reassuring to be given the all-clear from someone who knows what to look out for, even if you’re not due for a check yet. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially where children are concerned, and it’s best to know if your wiring needs sorting before everyone returns and children could be placed in danger.

Stacey Arnold is the caretaker for an inner London primary school and offers her advice on essential maintenance and upkeep

First Day of School for 2013-1014 School Year

The start of the school year   went smoothly for us unlike the couple of years where I was a bit nervous and  uneasy leaving my kids in school on the first day.  I am glad that I am now more relaxed knowing that my kids knows the teachers and their classmates.  I't easier for all of us.  Anyway,  on the first day of school, the kids were allowed to wear non-uniform clothes.  We  set our alarms  at 6 but when hubby and I woke up, the two were already awake.  They were  anxious and excited to go to school and see their friends.  The teachers here give every student a welcome gift with  treats and other supplies in it.
Hubby and I  walked them  down the classrooms.  We brought their school supplies on the registration  day so  they don't have to deal with it on the first day.  They can just sit and  chitchat with their  classmates.  
MY son was a bit nervous on the first day but he got over  it which I am so glad.  Ms. Burrito on the other hand  was very calm, collected and just happy to see her friends.  
My little Filipina is very small compared to  her classmates.  I told her that being small is in her genes.
We were laughing when we looked at this photo because my little man is checking out his classmate.
Here they are in their uniforms.
Sometimes  people think that these two are twins because they are almost the same in size.  Ms. Burrito is just slightly taller than the little mister.  

Youth Leadership Graduation

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