Friday, April 25, 2014

Tin Can Robot #GiftedProgramProjects

My Mom has a migraine right now so she let me make this post about the project that I did from the Gifted Program that I am in. In my class, there are two of us who are in the Gifted program and we always have fun when we go there on Thursday.  I love it because  get to do things that our other classmates doesn't do in our regular classroom just like these projects.
Our teacher in the Gifted class  gave us  the tin can robot  kit and we brought  one can to build our robot.  
I had so much fun doing this because I learned how to  put screws and other  cool stuff around the tin.
I name my  robot Crush Crush and my friend named hers Cherrie Cherry because she brought a cherry can.  Crush crush can walk.  We put battery in it so it can operate when you turn the switch on.  My Mom  recorded a video when I  was letting  this walk, she said that she will update it  when she feel better  later.  Thanks Mom!
Another project that we did is this 55-pieces 3D puzzle foam kit that we assembled into the subject that we chose. Before we made this, we did a research and made a short report about it, the history and other important facts.
Mine is the Empire State Building and my friend's  was the  Statue of Liberty.  Building this project is fun but tricky.  I tore up a couple of pieces because they were hard to  insert into the holes but I  hot glued them back  when I brought it at home.  

Based from what I read, The Empire State Building  has been named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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