Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sammy's Dress

I had a fabulous opportunity of  receiving  three  outfits from Sammy's Dress.  I was  asked  via email if I could be a partner for their online  store and of course I said yes.  I suggested  to use my Fashion blog but they chose this one so I am   posting all the clothes here.  I am using their  model's photos because they carry the dress  well more than me lol.  I have included also my photos wearing them at the bottom.

Sammy's Dress is a global online retail company that provides   affordable and fabulous clothing and other fashion accessories. They have so many designs of dresses and other   types of clothing that I really love.  The prices are so affordable but the only  thing that holds me back from buying is the price of the shipping cost.  I like their sizing since I am a petite woman so  their  sizing fits me perfectly.  Below are the  clothing I got from them to review.

First up is this Sweet Scoop Neck Flared Hem Slim Fit Off-The-Shoulder Solid Color Dress.  This is available in black and red, I chose the wine red.    I love the cotton material they used on this one.  It is very soft and it hugs your curves.  With mine, it showed my bulge parts  lol.  I still like it though. The length of this dress is a bit short  for me but hubby said that it's okay.  Would you believe if I say that this only cost $7.39.  Yes it does!
The second dress I received is this    Charming Flounce Embellished Round Neck Sleeveless Open Back Design Pleated Chiffon Dress.  This dress originally cost $13.74 but it's on sale now for $8.08. This is  perfect to wear during summer time because it is thin.  This comes with a belt but the one I got has a defect so I can't use it unless I change a button to it. The length of this dress is perfect for my height.

The third one is this Slim-Fitting Casual Splicing Irregular Long Sleeves Knitwear with gold embellishment  at the bottom and   around the neck.  This only cost $6.69, I love the design and the material.  The only thing I don't like about this one is the gold embellishment around the neck, it is so itchy.  I wish that they did not put it around the neck or they could have put  n extra material  so it is not touching your skin.

Over all, I  love all the designs and materials used on all of the three except for the minor   issues I had with two of them.  I would really love to buy some of their coats, they are gorgeous and the  prices are just awesome.  I just don't want to pay a high amount for the shipping.  They should have a company here in the US that ships out their  products so the shipping won't cost much and it won't take long   for the delivery.  Oh yeah, if you are buying  for an emergency use, don't expect it to arrive soon as they ship their products from China so it takes a while.  
Before I forgot, they have a program where you can share or pin  a product and  have a chance to win  that specific  product that you like.  I haven't win any yet but I am hoping I'd be lucky one day hehehe.  You can see the  clothes I have been pinning and sharing to my Facebook page.  Thank you again Sammy's Dress for the opportunity.

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog did NOT receive   monetary compensation in writing the review.  The products described above  were given for FREE for evaluation purposes.  all opinions are not  influence in any way.

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