Thursday, November 28, 2013

Caught in Action!

Aha, somebody could not wait for  dinner.  The sweet tooth is kicking in and  could not resist the  temptation lol.  Caught in Action!

Goodness, look how much satisfaction he gets from M&Ms?  His face looks in bliss hahaah.

It was my fault though, I  cook a little bit late because of my darn migraine arghhh.  Glad it went away and I got to do online tasks before going to bed, whew!  

Music Calling

When we were just planning to buy our daughter a piano, we consider getting  an electric one.  We even looked at the great casio cdp 120 but the  manager from the store where we bought it influenced us to buy the  traditional one, so that's what we did.  Playing piano is really my daughter's calling.  I am so impressed of how much progressed she have made ever since she  started  taking  lessons  ten months ago.  Nothing can beat the  joy of listening to one of your kids  play.

Carefree and Happy-Go-Lucky Guy Turns 12

At 10:09 of January the 15th, twelve years ago, our youngest was born.  He was an 8 pounder baby.  My pregnancy with him was  a lot harder...