Monday, July 12, 2021

14.. and a half.. and some #KatorseAnyos

 I get to finally catch up with some  posting (for birthdays, at least).  I still have so many events that I need to work on especially that I don't print pictures anymore.  I would like to have it at least here on my blogs so that when the kids wants to look back, they will have something to reference to.

For the past couple of years, we were not able to do anything for the kids birthdays but I am glad they don't make fuzz about it.  They are very understanding of the situation we were in.

Our son turned 14 this year and he is definitely growing.  He is taller than the ladies of this family and I think that he will be taller than my husband in just  a matter of time.  He is also in that phase where he doesn't like his picture taken and every time I do take pictures, he always ask me not to post it on social media.  This blog is an exception though since not many people  knows about my personal blogs.  He just doesn't want his friends to see what he is up to.
We got him an ice cream cake.  I made him a set of birthday pancakes for breakfast.  Unfortunately, the photos i took of him were in my phone and my cellphone have reached its maximum data and no longer allow me to do anything with the photos.

Dearest EJ,

My wish is for you to grow up well.
I pray that God will guide you along in achieving your dreams.
You will always be my chubby baby boy no matter how grown you get.
Mom will always be here for you.  Thank you for making Mom and Dad's life complete.
Happy birthday my love.


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