Monday, November 4, 2013

Warrior Poet Clothier Fall Collection

I have worked with Warrior  Poet  Clothier before  showcasing their summer collection.

My son love the shirts  he got from them as it was soft and the great thing is that there is no tag at the back  which makes my son very happy.  Aside from that, their design is just perfect for boys like my son's age.

I am so  delighted to be given a chance to  to review  two of their Fall collection this time.    I have ordered one size bigger this time because every time I order him something, it is always just right and  he grow up  very  fast.  
I chose this "We Salute You" in  Dark Knight color and  in size small.  Looking at it, I think that is still a big big for my son so I decided not to show this to him yet.  This would be a perfect  gift to put under the Christmas Tree.

He love to sing so he would definitely like this design as it has a guitar at the back.

I also got this  Paisley Tie T-Shirt because he does not like tie before, he said that it looks goofy.  But then  he started using their new set of school uniform with tie and now he likes it.  So this would be a perfect new design of shirt for him to use.
I wrapped them up today and put it underneath the tree.  He immediately noticed it when  he came home from school.
Check out their Fall Catalog of different design.  They also introduce a new line which is the  Hoodies and Denim pants collection.  You can use  the code BL-Connect to  enjoy a 30% off your purchase.
I was going to ask if they  can send me the  denim and hoodie but they are not available.  I highly recommend  Warrior Poet Clothier  clothing for boys.  They are comfortable and they have lots of designs to choose from that you boys would surely love.  Thank you so much again Warrior Poet Clothier for  this opportunity.

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog was NOT  financially compensated in writing the review.  The products mentioned above were  provided for FREE  for evaluation purposes.  

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