Sunday, April 3, 2011

Charm Bracelet

Hello everyone, my Mom uploaded these photos for me. I am done with my homework so she let me blog a little. Anyway, my Mom and me did the last package of the shrinky dink that Tita Shy gave me last Christmas.

If you can still remember, we did the key chains a couple of weeks ago and last Friday, we did these charm bracelets.
I designed the charms and Mommy helped me in putting the beads in the elastic string.
These small metal rings is supposed to go with the charm but it was so hard to open them up so Mommy just use it like a bead.
I love doing these kind of activities because Mommy and I get to bond for long and we get to do girl thing.

Above are my end products. I am planning to sell them and send the proceeds to my sisters in the family who lost their Dad some years ago. I remember how hard they cried during the last wake of my Tito Andy (my Mom's brother). I did not understand why they cried then but now I am slowly realizing why, that is why I always pray to God to always take care of my parents.

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