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Jr. Dons Football Team First Scrimmage

Our son is very interested with Football.  He tried to sign up last year but  only 4th graders were allowed to  sign up to Jr. Dons football team.  So after the  tennis season  have ended, we signed him up for the  football camp  that Madonna High School offered.  They offered 8-week football camp for free so he  had fun with that one.  
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This month, they began training for football, he is officially  on  the   Jr. Football team which  he is very excited about.  They have practice everyday of the week  so that is kind of tiring for him although we encourage him to stick to it since it would benefit him as he would be stronger.  
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Football is something I never thought I would let my son  play because based from the  games I have watched, it looks very dangerous but since he is passionate about it, I am letting him try it.  Besides, it's one of my husband's dream for EJ, to be a football player.  He said that he really wanted to play football when he was young but  since his Mom did not drive  and his Dad was always at work, nobody could drive him to practice and games.  
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He said he practiced and got good at it but when it was time to got to a game, he dropped out since nobody could drive him to the place.
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I never could understand the rules of football  before but now, I am starting to get it slowly just listening to my husband and son talk about it.  Even my daughter  is excited that her brother is playing.  
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To play football, every player is required to have a medical certificate so we took him to Weirton Medical Center when they conducted their free  exam for it.  It is nice that  WMC does it annually for free.  We will need to buy him a sports goggles because he has an eye condition like me.  
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On our 13th wedding anniversary , we had to cut our  dinner date because  our son's team had their first scrimmage .  The team from Follansbee came  and played  with the Jr. Dons team.  
EJ was very nervous as he hasn't learn a lot of technique in playing the game but we told him to just enjoy the experience.  
The coaches told  us that the team they are playing against has been playing for  few years now  as oppose to our team who had just began training this year so we might not get the result we want in a game but he said that it is okay because  they just want the kids to  experience how it is to play in a game.  
As expected, they did not win but  it was a a great learning experience.
It was really nice  to watch.  I was surprised of how come I was.  Usually, I get really nervous when the kids gave to perform or play a game but this time, I was calm and  just  totally enjoyed watching.
My daughter however was very nervous.  She was scared that  her little brother will get hurt but the coach assures us that no big kid will tackle  the small kids which was  a relief for me.
I am not sure if my so is suppose to be a wide receiver but he never got the ball, it was never pass  to him.  I think part of me was hoping that he would catch a ball and do a touchdown lol.

It's funny how serious other parents are from the other team.  They brought cow bell and  were yelling and screaming.  We, on the other side was just quiet and  was enjoying the game.  I cringed when I heard someone screams at their kids  to put the other kids in a hurt locker.  I mean, they are just kids, I think we should just chill  and let them play.
It was a really nice game to watch, what a way to end the day to our 13th wedding anniversary .  It was very special.  They will be having a game every Wednesday now so  they have been training every day of the week.  The kids won't be able to attend the tennis this Fall so we  have been bringing them to the tennis court and play with them every chance we get.  It's a great family bonding as well.

Back-to-School Excitement, Preparation, Organization and More #ShopletReviews

A couple of weeks before  the kids went back to school, my daughter and I started gathering the school supplies that they need.  We do recycle things that they can still use like   pens, pencil, coloring materials and more.  School supplies are not cheap so as much as we can we can, we are  reusing supplies that aren't used from the previous school year.  I am just glad that both of my kids are okay that not all their supplies are  newly.  I mean, what's the point of buying new ones if the  old ones are still okay to use right?
The school registration was on August 17 and 18, we chose to register on the second day.  We brought  all the supplies they need in their respective classrooms and paid the tuition.  The tuition hiked up again this year, we paid $4,170 for both of  them  for the whole school year.  
Their first day of school was August 19th and that is always the exciting part for them because they get to go to school without wearing their uniform.  We bought them new outfits  to wear for that specific day.  
I can't believe my babies are now in 6th and 4th year!  Where did the time go?  I can still remember when I was nauseated  sending my first born to kindergarten lol.  Now, they are bigger and act like they know everything sometimes ha!
I am glad that their school uniforms still fits, at least I don't have to buy them new ones yet.  Uniforms are expensive too but the good thing about wearing it  is that, you only need few pairs of them unlike when you have to wear  regular clothes, you have to buy   a lot.  
My husband  wanted to go to work on that day but I asked him not to even though we need  the moolah these days.  I don't want him missing a lot of the kids school  moments because they sure are growing up so fast and they won't be  kids forever.  
It's also nice that they still want their pictures taken in the classroom with their parents hahaha.  I am glad they aren't  that cool yet to be with their Mom and Dad.  
Our 4th grader  has a new teacher this year  so he wasn't comfortable going in the first day but I am glad that their teacher is really nice.  She made the kids feel at home in her classroom which is a big relief for me.
Our daughter is now in 6th grade and she is still the  smallest among her class.  Compared to her classmates, she is so tiny.
I was able to go to her classroom and snap some photos before we left the school.  First day is always exciting for students as they get to see their friends after a long summer break.  For some, it is a bit stressful because it's hard to go back to everyday routine of going to school as oppose to staying  at home and relaxing.  My son feel that way, she always  dreaded going back to school for the first week but after that, his anxiety settles.  

On the first week, a lot of teachers send out paper communication for parents  but after that, they  do communicate online.  A lot of teachers nowadays are using an app to communicate with parents as well so it eliminates the  bundle of papers to keep.  There are however, important papers that needs to be  kept so I am glad that I have a new office supplies to use from Shoplet. 

 I got a pack of this Supertab Section Folder which is perfect for my son's needs. This year, they are doing a a color coding technique for their notebooks and folders to easily identify their subjects and the things that need to be sent out home for signatures and the things that they need to keep in school.  I love when a teacher is very organized because it makes it easier not only for the students but for parents as well.
The vertical expanding file is great  for my office use because  I get to organize all their  schedules  not only in school but for their extra curricular activities.  
Shoplet is a one-stop shop  for all your need in your home office or business.  They have  Office Supplies,   Medical SuppliesCleaning Supplies and many more.  

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

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