Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Free Basic Wrestling Training

The Madonna High School wrestling team offered an 8-week basic wrestling training for free for kids at St. Paul's and St. Joseph's.  The  lessons started in December 8th.  EJ missed one session because we didn't know if they were going to have it during the holiday so we didn't go.
 EJ seemed to enjoy it so we will continue to  let him attend  until it is over.
 He know some of the kids  that goes to his school but a lot of these kids are from St. Paul's.
 Glad that the Madonna Wrestling Team   is doing this for free.
 This does not only teaches the kids the  basic course of wrestling but it also offers  socialization among other kids.  
 This  also gives the parents to meet other parents which is nice.  Being an introvert couple, hubby and I just sit on one corner all the time lol.
EJ is looking forward to  the last 4 weeks of wrestling this month.  Tomorrow will be the first day of  work and school for this year.  My kids  are saying that  they are not looking  forward of going back to school but  they  can't wait to see their friends in school.  Hopefully, this year  would be another great year for their academics!

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