Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A big kite that was given by my brother-in-law to my daughter.  I remember when I was a Kid, my father used to  build us  Kites made of paper and bamboo stick, it was a fun memories!  Okay let me share a Filipino term for you guys.  Kite is  "Saranggola" (sa-sarang-go-la) in Tagalog.

Easter Treats

Hello everyone, how was your Easter? Our Easter celebration was a little different this year. We did our egg hunting at my Pap's basement because it was raining.

Mom and Dad said that the Easter Bunny came last night and left us these gifts. I am wondering when I can catch Santa and the Easter Bunny delivering our gifts.
Below are some of the treats I got from my school.

I hope everyone had a good Easter celebration. Every adult in my family were very serious talking today. Mom and Dad told us that Uncle Dave will have a surgery tomorrow. Would you please say a prayer for him? Thank you so much!

For my ABC Wednesday, I am adding this photo that Mom took somewhere. It is very pretty in my eyes.

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