Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Music Recital

My daughter takes piano lessons at Torrence  Music Studio.  They had a rehearsal  last Saturday for the Annual  music recital  to be held  at Memorial Baptist Church.  Her teacher talked to us and told us that  she should have given our daughter  a much  difficult  song but they have to  submit the song months before the recital and she did not know that Ms. Burrito will do really good.  She said that next year,  she definitely knows what piece  she would give her.
We arrived early during the recital so  the kids got the chance to go see the big squirrels  feasting  on nuts under the trees beside the church.  It also gave us time to take some family pictures outside.
While we were seated on the pew and waiting for the program to start, Ms. Burrito told me that she   is nervous.  She even went to the restroom   for the last minute.  I know that she will do good but I understand how she felt that day as  it  was her first time  playing with audience.  To add to the pressure, she is the very first number.
We invited our  neighbor family to come and watch.  Lolo and Lola Fancher came and Sarah and Angie Howells came  as well.  The Howells brought  Ms. Burrito a bouquet which   helped  her forget her nervousness for a while.
The program was beautiful, Ms. Burrito did not mess up a thing and she did pretty well.  We went to  the Mexican Restaurant, Chico Fiesta, after the program as a simple celebration.  I will make a separate post about that.  Below is the  video that I recorded from my point and shoot camera.  I forgot that I can't rotate the video so pardon if  it is not how it needs to be, just listen to the song and ignore the  picture lol.  Her part starts after the introduction of the teachers.  Enjoy!

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