Thursday, March 6, 2014

Suede Boots

She's very fond of her new suede boots. This is what we got her for the gift card that she won from the free game event that they have attended at Steuben Mall.  Her old boots has retired already.  She can still use them but  it has few scratches already.
Me and hubby found a grey boots that we both like for Ms. Burrito but she didn't like it.  She said that she wanted this on so me and her could match, oh boy.  We got this on sale though which was a plus.  My daughter  is turning  9 in July but she  already has a say  when it comes to what she wants to wear.  

Anniversary Gift

I remember  looking at these watches when I was scouting for a good gift to give to my husband two years ago for our anniversary.  He is very picky when it comes to  gifts so it is a bit  hard for me to find one that he really likes.  I ended up buying a different one that wasn't in the selection.  I wonder what  I can get for him this year for our anniversary?  I would appreciate any suggestion if you jot it down the comment, thank you!

Sweet Reward

My daughter was asked by her teacher to do the poster for the 6th grade's recollection.  She  drew the globe  in a poster which I forgot to  take a photo of before she brought it in school (my bad).  
But anyhow, the other day, she came home with  a gift bag and she was delighted when she opened it.  There was a small  Easter bunny stuffed toy  with a Hershey bar.  She kept the plush toy and she handed the sweet treat to the boy who have sweet tooth.
So glad that my children continue to  shine in school.  It always give me an inspiration to strive harder to do my job as their Mom.


"Santa" delivered an iPod to my daughter last Chrsitmas, she was very happy about it. Since then, she hasn't use my cell phone in watching her  favorite shows or  playing her favorite games.   I like it that it is  WiFi ready so she can use at home or anywhere where WiFi is vailable.  I am not sure if goconnect app is compatible  with iPod but this app is a  good to have especially if you are an agent on the go.  

Mardi Gras in School

Every year, the homeroom mom prepares a small celebration for the kids in school to enjoy Mardi Gras.  This is the  first year that my kids were able to participate in the celebration, because during the previous years, they were  sick.  As you can see in Mr. Burrito's face, he is very happy.
I was literally laughing  when I was taking a photo of him because he keep making faces lol.  They brought some treats like  necklaces, coins, and donuts.

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...