Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sweet Reward

My daughter was asked by her teacher to do the poster for the 6th grade's recollection.  She  drew the globe  in a poster which I forgot to  take a photo of before she brought it in school (my bad).  
But anyhow, the other day, she came home with  a gift bag and she was delighted when she opened it.  There was a small  Easter bunny stuffed toy  with a Hershey bar.  She kept the plush toy and she handed the sweet treat to the boy who have sweet tooth.
So glad that my children continue to  shine in school.  It always give me an inspiration to strive harder to do my job as their Mom.


  1. Awe! How sweet and I bet you must be one proud mama! What a nice sister to share her chocolate also. :)

  2. such a nice prize, that bunny and sweet chocolate is worth her effort.

  3. That is great sis that your kids are doing good job in their school. Bet your a proud Mom smiling from ear to ear. :D

  4. Children will be your inspiration tlga to go forward and do the best for them. :) Sweet.

  5. yay for her <3 I hope she keeps up the good work at school too ^_^


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