Thursday, March 6, 2014

Suede Boots

She's very fond of her new suede boots. This is what we got her for the gift card that she won from the free game event that they have attended at Steuben Mall.  Her old boots has retired already.  She can still use them but  it has few scratches already.
Me and hubby found a grey boots that we both like for Ms. Burrito but she didn't like it.  She said that she wanted this on so me and her could match, oh boy.  We got this on sale though which was a plus.  My daughter  is turning  9 in July but she  already has a say  when it comes to what she wants to wear.  


  1. That is a nice boots and it looks really great on her.

  2. I can relate to you sis, my daughter has a say in every thing in our house. Well, hubby and I agreed we need to asked my daughter's idea.

  3. Those are some really cute boots. It is nice when kids can get things they need that look good. Looking good often adds a little confidence.

  4. She uses two boots now, and maybe next week, she likes another one.

  5. Very nice choice of boots! Congrats for winning and you made a smart choice of what to spend on your prize.

  6. She's now a little fashionista and already knows what she likes.

  7. Those are nice suede boots sis. She does have a point! It looks good on her :)


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