Friday, September 30, 2011

Magical Moments

During our recent getaway to  Disney World, we had so much fun  exploring  every Walt Disney World Resort like the Epcot,  Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Disney's  Hollywood Studio. We bought the Park Hopper  admission tickets to be given us the opportunity to hop from one  attraction to to the next.  Our five days giveaway  was definitely a blast that created a long lasting memories especially for the kids. 
We've got a very good deal with our hotel and  other accommodations as we  made our reservations  very early.  It saved us hundreds of dollars by doing so.   My husband is a veteran so our park hopper tickets was also reduced because of military discount that we have availed  at one of the  establishments in Orlando that  caters with   servicemen families.  We've had so magical moments especially  the children who experienced some pretty cool adventures like the star wars, Soarin, and  many more.  If you want to save money with your trip to Disney, you should at least book your  accommodations and stuff early.  You can check out the link  above  and see how you can  save money with your travel  Let the memories begin!


My Dad surprised me with this pretty Barbie flower ring. Thanks Daddy!

I love these kind of stuff.
My Mom would always tell me how lucky I am to have these things. She said that she never had any fancy toys when she was a kid.

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PS. You may rate how how I took those photos. Mommy said I should try other angles so that the other shots are not the same with the others. Next time I will do it

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A big kite that was given by my brother-in-law to my daughter.  I remember when I was a Kid, my father used to  build us  Kites made of paper and bamboo stick, it was a fun memories!  Okay let me share a Filipino term for you guys.  Kite is  "Saranggola" (sa-sarang-go-la) in Tagalog.

Easter Treats

Hello everyone, how was your Easter? Our Easter celebration was a little different this year. We did our egg hunting at my Pap's basement because it was raining.

Mom and Dad said that the Easter Bunny came last night and left us these gifts. I am wondering when I can catch Santa and the Easter Bunny delivering our gifts.
Below are some of the treats I got from my school.

I hope everyone had a good Easter celebration. Every adult in my family were very serious talking today. Mom and Dad told us that Uncle Dave will have a surgery tomorrow. Would you please say a prayer for him? Thank you so much!

For my ABC Wednesday, I am adding this photo that Mom took somewhere. It is very pretty in my eyes.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Glittery Rocks - Color Connection # 16

Ms. Burrito picked some white rocks at the gravel pile that the construction team were using at our porch renovation. She painted them with glitters.

Life at it's Best

My father-in-law has celebrated his 89th birthday a week ago.
Dad live a pretty good life. He survived the WW2, been to some countries in Asia such as Japan and Philippines. The interesting thing to note despite of those travels is that, he never flew on a plane.
At his age, he still drives and do stuff although we are worried because his one eye can't see anymore.
My SIL Chris made a beautiful cake for Dad!
One more year and Dad will be 90, I pray that God will still bless him with more years of healthy life.

"Life ends when you stop dreaming. Hope is lost when you stop believing. And love fails when you stop caring. So Dream, Believe , and Care... Life is beautiful."

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unleashing Stress through Mini Olympics

Our school starts the school year early compared to other schools so even if we have snow days, we still completed all the things that we need to discuss in the classroom. That's why, we got out from school early too. During our last week of school, we had a mini Olympics at our gym.
Family and friends were invited to watch us play. I am so happy that my Dad, Mom, and brother came. We UNLEASHed all the stress we have in school and enjoyed our day through sports.
We warmed up before we started the wall to wall run race. That's me, the shorty one hehehe.
The sack race, I fell down once but I got up and kept on going until I reached the finish line.
The crab walk was fun but a little bit hard. Mom and Dad said I was fast.
We lost on the tug of war against the first grader but it's okay, we were little compared to them.

Even our teachers played against the 8th graders at the end of ever games.
That's my very nice teacher at my back, I love you Mrs. Runkel!

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Thank you Mom for uploading the photos!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Day of School

Today was our FIRST day of school. It's a FREE dress day so I just wore one of my dresses.
I have one big bag of supplies (tissue, paper towel, paint shirt, arts and crafts, gym shoes, ziploc bag, clean wipes, and many more). Thanks to my Mom for covering my books. Below is my religion book before my Mom put the cover on.

I have three new classmates in First Grade. I like it more now that I have my own desk. When I was in kindergarten, we were five of us in one table.

Mom, Dad, and my brother sent me to school this morning but only Mom and my brother fetched me after school. My teacher this time is a little bit strict but I like her just like my kindergarten teacher. They're both very nice! Mom only allowed me 30 minutes to peek at my blog because I have to go to bed early.

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...