Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ms Burrito is getting hooked with crocheting.  Even when she just wake up, she would start doing it already lol.
My FIL gave her a bunch of  yarn so  she got inspired to make some leg warmers.  She uses the machine that Dad gave her too.  Here are some of her creations.  We used some of  the short leg warmer  to make pencil  holder by recycling  empty bottles of water and the lid of the  fabric softener.
I used some of their  small toys to accesories it.  
Crocheting is an X-cellent  hobby for little girls during summer break.  Keeps them busy and  at the same time eXercise their creativity.  Okay, I know that those aren't real X words but here is a good one, Xenophobia,  an irrational fear of  foreigners or strangers.  
She is very proud of what she created..  Her kitchen should have one too, of curse hehehe.
My daughter is the type that  won't sit around and do nothing.  She constantly  look for things that she could do.  She reminds me of my mother who never want to  take a rest.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Whirlwind was one of the many rides at Kennywood that Ms. Burrito tried. Mr. Burrito on the other hand did not want to to go on this one.
I hope every Dad had a fabulous  Father's Day celebration!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Elephant Parade

This is the Elephant Parade that my brother and me tried over at Kennywood Park.  This ride has a navigation where you can make  your elephant fly high or low.  I stayed up most of the time but  my brother was a little scared at first but he did get it at the end.
I would love to  greet my Dad and Pap a Happy Father's Day!  And to all the  Dads also.

Friday, June 15, 2012

School Vacation

First of all, happy  happy birthday to my  Mom!  We love you so much!

I love school vacation because we get to do a lot of things outdoors.  As part of Mommy's birthday celebration, we went to Tomlinson Run with my cousin Ate Jen and her husband and daughter Gracie.  We rented  paddle boats and we had fun!
My dad and I went to a separate  boat then my Mom and my brother on another boat.  I helped my Dad paddle but my brother has short legs so  he did not help Mommy.
It was definitely a fun-filled day for all of us!  This is summer vacation should be!

Flowering Bush

Welcome to the 53rd edition of Color Connection.  I hope you would  join us.
Photos were taken during one of our  fun walk at the park.  I really love this flowering bush (dunno the name) so I asked Ms. Burrito to pose for me.  If you know the name of the flower, would you please  tell me?  Thanks!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pounce Bounce

One of the rides that I enjoyed the most at Kennywood is the Pounce Bounce.  My brother did not want to try this one because  he was scared.  I went  and   rode it by myself.
This  ride will  bounce you Up and Down  so many times.  I was laughing the whole time  because it felt like   I was way up there and then  suddenly, it would dropped down.
I rode  twice on this one.  I am an opposite of my Mom, she hates heights and speed but I love the combination of both.

I wish  that we live near the Kennywood Park, it is so much fun to go there.  My brother and I fell asleep going home and then we slept through the night.

Youth Leadership Graduation

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