Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Raking Leaves is FUN!

After we came back from our long walk at Marland Heights, we decided to rake the leaves in my FIL's front yard.   All of us had so much fun re-scattering all the leaves again lol.  We even involve my FIL to play with us.
Simple things like these can really give a big impact on  child's development because   you are there sharing the joy with them.
It was a good exercise for our lungs as we laughed and laughed until we got  tired.
Our children love outdoors so much and they get  so cranky when we are just at home.  So even during Winter times, we tried to find something that we can do outdoors.  They even love to  shovel snow with us and of course, snow ball fighting  is always the highlight of it.  Sled riding  during snow season is one of our favorite thing to do, they look forward to it every year.  Making snow angels is  an icing on the cake too.  
 There are so many things that we can do with our kids no matter  what season it is.  We just have to  get creative .  It is better than  buying your kids those  high tech gadget where they set all the time  and  play with it.  There is no physical  development contribution in  playing games.  When we were in Korea, we used to go to a small hill near our house.  They love climbing in this small hill.
and slide down, its messy but its fun!

and climbed again lol..

We never have toys growing up but my childhood is full of fun because  my parents were there to play with us all the time.  This is what my husband and I are doing with our own kids.  Spending quality time with them is very important.  When it comes to indoor activities, empty cardboard boxes, loose strings, and other  inexpensive things can really make them  busy and creative.  
I am currently teaching my 4 year old son at home and during our break time, we do things that he love to do like dancing.  I open videos on youtube and we imitate moves of the artists.  We are not  great dancers but  we always have fun because  that is what he likes to do.  Finding the  things that they like is the key to having a happy tot at home.

This is my official entry to "Parents & Play" contest by Kaboom.

Driving Down The Costs Of Cute Bunk Beds For Girls

There is no denying that today's girls want cute beds that they see on TV and at their friend's homes. You as a parent may want to get one for your little girl but are afraid to look at the prices. While there are some over-the top styles of cute bunk beds for girls, as well as singles and doubles, there are some that are cute and not exorbitantly priced.

Take this loft-style bed for instance. Since it is made with a metal frame it costs a lot less than one that is plain and made of wood. Which type do you think your little girl would prefer?

Reducing the cost

There are a lot of different styles of cute bunk beds for girls available that have a similar theme. If cost is a factor, this is what you do.

Purchase a bed as a Christmas or birthday present! Kill two birds with one stone by getting a new piece of furniture while absorbing the price of buying it into the money that would have otherwise been spent on toys that are seldom played with anyway!

These beds look like a toy in themselves!
My Burritos' Bunk Bed
Let's face it. Kids grow up too fast and it's nice to see a little girl or boy enjoying the fantasies of youth. It's fun for the child and fun for the parents!

You can also spend some special bonding moments with your little girl by decorating the room around the bed. You'll probably want to end up decorating your bedroom as well by the time it has been completed!

If you've been thinking that these fancy beds are out of your price range, think about making it a present. If it's time to get a new bed for your child anyway, you won't end up paying much more than you would for a simple bed that simply emanates "ho-hum".

Quick Snap

As my Burritos gets older, it's getting harder and harder to get a good photo of the two of them. You have to be quick to snap a good one .
Let me share this quote from David J. Alfred.
"To be consistently successful; One needs to be successfully consistent."

Youth Leadership Graduation

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