Friday, October 9, 2015

AnotherSplashing BIrthday Fun Party

After a couple of monlths, we  were back again at our friend's  residence for another fun birthday party.  My kids love it there because they have a pool and they can swim all night long  if we let them lol.  We came super early so the kids can swim  longer and that we can leave early to go home.
 So for a couple of hours, they were the only ones swimming.
 When the other kids arrived, we realized that EJ was the only boy in there.  The  parents were  saying how lucky our little man was sorrounded by girls lol.  As it turned out, since he was the only thorn among the roses, he was the target of the girls.  They lept chasing hum around lol.
 So here's a fun fact about me.  I never had a margarita in my life so when I was offered to try it, I was heitant but I tried it anyway.  I must say that it wasn't  bad as I imagined it to be.  She did a great job making/mixing it.
 Rye Bean saw me drink it  so she cheked on me lol. 
 Slicing the cake is always the  last fun part.
As usual, they had a great time, sugared up, and exhausted lol.  

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