Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

I always joke that I have three kids because my husband  is a big kid-at-heart.  He love playing with the kids and do a lot of fun stuff with them.  He is a hands-on Dad when it comes to our children.  Sometimes I think he spoils the kids but I guess that's not a bad thing as long as it doesn't get out of control, which will never happen on my watch lol.  Kidding aside, I always tell my kids how lucky they are to have such a great Dad and they couldn't agree more.
He is always looking for adventures for us to do.  He said that he only went for a vacation once when he was a kid so he wants to make sure that our children can experience what he didn't growing up.  I myself did not have that privilege because  we were very poor and  couldn't afford to go anywhere.  So we truly love  his sense of adventure because we get to go to places every year.  
This year, we will  be venturing into a long road trip to two states that we have never been to before.  I can't wait, me and the kids are super excited.

1.  Gun Concealment Bench  
This Father's Day, we wanted to get him something useful and fun.  I bought him this American Furniture Classics Entryway Gun Concealment Bench.  I have been wanting to get him a gun safe to store his  collection but could not find the right one that fits  our budget and style.  I thought the bench  is a great idea to conceal  the  guns.  His Dad gave him some of his  guns from  World War 2 era so he wants to protect them.  He wanted something that he can display it on but I thought concealing it is the best way.
2.  Fuego Box Condiments and Sauces
This Fuego box is  also a great gift idea for  Dads who love to cook in the kitchen.  Although in my part, I do all the cooking so this  is kind of my thing BUT, the food I will be preparing will be his so this counts.  This box contains different kinds of condiments and sauce.  It even has a spicy honey which I really liked!  I will  share the  dishes I will be making with these spicy but yummy selection from Yellowbird Serrano. 
3.  Home Cooked Meal
"The secret to man's heart is through his stomach", my Mom always told me that growing up because I never liked cooking. I told my Mom then that  it's a very shallow  reason but it turned out to be true.   Little did I know that  when I got married, I would start liking and eventually loving to cook.  I guess LOVE will do that to you (if there's such a thing).  Whenever I look back, I couldn't believe how I could cook now compared to  when I was single.  Anyway, this Father's Day, I ordered something From Home Chef that  I will be cooking  especially on Father's Day.  I cook most of our meals on a regular basis but for this special occasion, I want to prepare a special meal this Sunday.

You can share  some more  gift ideas for Father's Day through the comment section.  Thank you!

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