Friday, February 3, 2012

Catholic School Week

This week  is a  the celebration of the Catholic School Week at St. Joe's.  This year's  focus is Faith, Academics, and Service.    Everyday since Monday, they have  activities.  

  • Monday - Open House - Parents and grandparents were invited to school to sin in the class and observe.
  • Tuesday - Teacher's Day -  Ms. Burrito gave  her teacher something.
  • Wednesday - Student's Day - We served  sundae for   all the students..
  • Thursday - Mass at the  St. Joe's church for Faith and Service 
  • Friday - Academic is the concentration  on this day.  Teachers will switch classes.

Below is the reward that Ms. Burrito  got from her teacher.    She  got the most stickers among the girls for the behavioral  chart.  Every nine weeks, the teacher gives  the student who has the most stickers with a prize.    Every good deed that they do, they get a sticker for it and place it beside their names on the behavior chart.
Here are the rest of the pictures I took last Monday.  Mr. Burrito got to experience  being a  real student in school.
Some of the artworks that students did, posted on the wall.
Both Ms. Burrito and Billy got the reward for this month.  I think Billy is a Vietnamese but I am not sure.
The cute  heart people that the first grade made.  They hang it inside their classroom.
Being able to sit inside the classroom was a great experience  as a parent.

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