Monday, March 14, 2016

Volleybal Practice

I am  very petite girl  so  that led me to shy away from doing sports at my school.  Mom told me that she played volleybal in school so that inspired me  because she is  very small like me and maybe I can do it too.  My Dad is  also good with it so maybe, just maybe, I will be good at it too.  That's the reason why I signed up for the volleyball team at my school.  We will see how it goes.

     We started practicing last week.  Our first practice was Thursday after school. it was an hour and a half which I am  so surprised because I enjoyed it.  Just being with my friends is enjoyable.
    The second practice was this weekend.  My family watched  during our practice and I was  very nervous.  Luckily, I hit a ball over the net  I which I am surprise (again), phew!  I think I need to start believing in my  capability ha ha ha.  Anyway, I can't wait till next practice.  Meanwhile, I practice with Mom and Dad  because  they bought me a ball last year.  I would like to be good at this since it is the only sport I am trying. 

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