Monday, June 3, 2013

Excited for our Vacation

My husband confirmed our hotel reservation last week to make sure that everything will goes  smoothly with our upcoming vacation next week.  Seven more days and we are  leaving, we are visiting a state that we all have never been to yet.  This would be a new life adventure for all of us.  I bought my kids some stuff that we would be needing while we are there as it is hot  in there right now.  I got them new pair of sun glasses and some new tees.
We initially planned to stay at a friend's house while we  are on vacation but  my husband found a very good vacation package and we got a great deal for it so we chose to just  forego for the hotel stay instead.  We do appreciate the offer of our friend though, it could have saved us  money but when you have kids in tow, it would be a challenge.

The kids are on the countdown for the remaining days before we  leave.  June will be very busy for us.    It started with my daughter's piano recital  yesterday.  Next Saturday, two days before our flight, we will be going to Kennywood  for my husband's company picnic.  Then Sunday, we have to bring our dogs to the kennel to board them there while we are gone for a week.  When we come back, we were invited  by my father in law's sister for her 80th birthday celebration in Ohio.  So yeah, our June is packed with  schedule of activities for the whole family.  Not to mention that it's my  big month too as  my life will finally begins weee.

I am  praying that our vacation will be a fun-filled one and no one will get sick before  we leave or  when we come back.

Young Warriors

Aside from the Yoga pants and Tee, here are the other products that Warriors in Pink sent me.  My kids are very happy to be part of the  great cause that Warriors in Pink are supporting and that is the fight against breast cancer.  When you visit and buy their products , 100%  of the proceeds goes to the organizations that supports breast cancer.  I admire   companies that   pushes this kind of  action as it  greatly helps those who are in need.
If you are looking for a  Father's Day gift ideas, check out the selection of clothing at Warriors in Pink.  Not only that you will make your Dad or husband happy but you will also  help a great cause.  I highly recommend their clothing, my kids love their Young Warrior Tees and I love my Yoga pants  and Tee as well!  Thank you once again Warriors in Pink!

Disclaimer:  I received the above mentioned products for Free in exchange of my  honest review.  The author of this blog did not receive monetary compensation in facilitating the review.

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