Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hello Kitty Girl

This Hello Kitty puzzle was a gift  to Ms. Burrito by her cousin last Christmas.  These two can get along so good whenever they are doing puzzles so when they are bickering with each other, I always whipped out one puzzle set for them to do and  it calms them down.  Well, it doesn't always works but  most of the time it does.
Anyhow, we were at the mall last weekend and I looked at the sale at Macy's.  Ms. Burrito is always a tag-along with Mommy as she likes to  try on what I bring in the  fitting area lol.  She found this Hello Kitty top and she  let me tie it at the back so she could try it on.  It was on sale for a few bucks so when she asked if she could have it, I said yes.
She said I can "borrow" it from her but  it's even bigger for me lol.

Youth Leadership Graduation

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