Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shamrocks and More

During our St. Patrick's Day celebration, all of us wore green. We attended a mass and I am so thankful that my family came to church to hear mass with us.

Then the next day, we had a Green brunch in school. Our teacher, together with two mother's of my classmates, prepared the food for us. We had green pancakes, green eggs, green milk, and orange juice. We all love it!

My teacher gave each of us a green shamrock book and we colored some fun pictures. I read the whole book to my parents with just few mistakes. Mommy said that I am getting so much better in reading.
When Mom and Dad brought me and my brother to the doctor, we took some pictures while waiting for our turn. There were so many kids that were sick and waiting for their turn too.
I saw this pose on TV so I asked my Mom to take a picture of me imitating the pose.

Thank you once again for viewing my blog. Most of the times, mommy do the typing for me because I am very slow, I just tell her what I want to say. Thank you Mom!

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