Sunday, June 1, 2014

Toddler Costumes

Sure time flies!  It's the first day of June and a lot of exciting events have happened already.  After our  exciting trip to California, we came home with several packages at our mailbox and one of them is a costume  I have for review.  Play with Tinkerbell, that's what she wanted to do when she saw  the costume.  The size of this one is for small kids but since she is  skinny and short, she managed to  wore it for me to take  photos of.
I love the selection of other costumes for toddlers online.  Halloween may seem far but it is always  an advantage to scout for your child's  costume earlier because  you usually find some sale going on especially if you search  it online.  I love the  wings of this costume because it really stands up when you fastened it to the dress.  The only thing that the little Miss did not find appealing is  the material as it a bit itchy.  
She said that she wants to send this costume to her cousins in the Philippines.  I like it that my kids think about their cousins  from back home when they have something here that they don't need anymore and want to give out.    I have to clean out our closets and gather up the things that I save for my nieces and nephews.  I have to prepare the balikbayan box to send to my family.  I just need  some time to do it.  Maybe now that they are  on school break, I could do things at home freely  since  I don't have to  attend to school  event and other stuff.  

Thank you so much once again Costume Super Center for this  costume.

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

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