Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

The photos below were taken at the pumpkin patch at Janoski's Farm. We bought three pumpkins, two small ones and one medium white one.
Squash is the only thing that I saw  at my country so when I see the different varieties of pumpkins here, I was amazed.  I like the pink pumpkin the most .
Going to a pumpkin  patch with my kids is so much fun!  Presenting  our outdoor fun to you.   Thanks for visiting!

Child's Happiness

I showed these  photos of my kids to a colleague and  she said in disbelief "You let your kids play in the leaves?  Do you know how much dust is in it?"  I told her that  my kids enjoy it and that a little dust  won't hurt them.  What matters to me is the fact that they  can enjoy what mother nature has to offer.  I personally think that this is better than letting your kids just sit in front of the TV or playing  games.  This is a good exercise for them both physically and emotionally.

As long as you clean  them up after they play and  let them eat healthy foods, they are okay.  Child's happiness comes in many forms and this is one of them.

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