Monday, December 21, 2015

#StarWars #Shopping and #FamilyBonding

Last weekend, one of my son's classmate/friend invited hm to watch the  movie Star Wars  at Carmike Theatre in Steuben Mall.  I was sniffling and  coughing  so I told my husband to accompany him  and daughter and I  went on a little shopping  spree.  

She did not want to watch a movie so she went with me.  After we split from  the boys, we went at Sear's to look around for deals first.  I accidentally left my iPhone in one of the shelf at Sears when I took off my  coat luckily, a good hearted person found it and returned it at the counter. I was at Macy's when  I thought of checking out my phone, it wasn't in my bag!  I looked for it at Macy's and backtracked all the aisle we went to and did not find it.  We went back to Sear's look for it there and didn't find it so I asked the  associate at Sear's and she told me that  someone had  returned, oh boy I was relieved!   I was able to retrieve it from the Sear's office.  Whoever you are, thank you very much!  The photo below  was taken after I found my phone.  

My daughter and I only bought two items, her gift to his brother and my treat to her for shopping with me.  I found this cute cardigan and it was on sale.  Her gift and this  piece  cost $37, I used the  Macy's reward that I got from the last shopping that hubby and I did so I only paid $7 for our  items, not so bad.
 She really love this cardigan.  It's thick and she never had any piece of clothing like this so she 's very happy.
 I Love shopping with my daughter because she is fun and never get tired of looking at clothing lol.  We get along so well in trying on clothes.
 I took these photos when we got home.
 She wants to  use this on their upcoming Christmas pageant performance at church on Christmas eve.  She is part of the bell choir and they will be playing  songs.  My son is part of the play as well so it would be fun for us.
 They are now counting the days till Christmas.  They can't wait to attend the play and and the mass and the much anticipated  cheer, the opening of gifts on Christmas morn.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas!  May your holiday be merry and bright!

What I wish to Have for Christmas

My daughter has been asking me what I want for Christmas.  I told her that I already have what I want and that I don't need anymore.  She made me a somethng  and wrapped and that's  exactly what I want.  But if Santa would ever  visit my kitchen, I would like an  organizer for my pots and pans just like this in the picture.  Right now, my pots and pans have no organization at all because there is only  two shelp two put everything in.  So Santa, wherever you are, I hope you can read this post hehehe.

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