Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Rylie's Freshman Homecoming Dance 2019

Details of her outfit can be found here 
Our daughter had her very first  homecoming dance on September 20th at the Pepsi Cola Roadhouse in Burgettstown, PA.  She was anxious and  excited at the same time but glad she had a really nice experience.
Her close friend Anthony A. was her date.  They have known each other since kindergarten and  we're glad that they are still going in the same school in high school.  
 The Arnold family came to our house and picked up our little darling.   First experience  is always memorable.  We, as parents tend to make  our children's every FIRSTs as memorable as possible, at least is like that for me and my husband.  I am glad we shared the same with the Arnold's.  Anthony is their youngest son so this is a very important event for  them as well.
 I can't believe they have grown so much in 8 years!  I can still remember  each of them talking so innocently in kindergarten.
 Sending our children to a private and catholic school is a bit costly but it's worth it.  Faith is a big part of our family's foundation and we're so glad that our children can  have it integrated in their education as well.  
 We found great friends that we consider  family in school and for us, it's a blessing.
 They gathered at the Mascio home before heading out to the  venue of the event.
 You can see the  excitement in their happy faces, that to me is priceless.  
I am sure that the kids got tired of smiling but I am sure, they will appreciate the pictures when  they are all adult and  looked back on how this happy comments are captured on film for them to see in their future.  

Thursday, October 10, 2019

WV History Bowl Championship

The day leading to the  championship for the History Bowl competition was a stressful one for our daughter.  She really wanted to  do good so she was stressing out and was working hard to  pack her brain with so much information.  
 We went  a day early  at Charleston so that  she could at least relax before the    day of the final competition.  We encouraged her to  have a good night sleep but I can tell that she did not sleep that long.  I know I couldn't sleep myself as well thinking about it, I was nervous for her.
 Nevertheless, she was optimistic and hoping for the best.  This is the morning of the  competition.  We woke up early and had breakfast at the hotel and got ready to go to the venue.
 I thought we arrived early but it seems like everybody was there already lol.  While waiting for the  competition to start, we had a lot of time to  spend for taking photos and  review some more.
 I can tell that even though they were prepared, they were still anxious.
 We sat by the corner and  reviewed their materials.
 I am not sure if it's the nerve that kicking in but our daughter can't remember  some of the  information that she knew before  this day.
 Since  the kids did not have a coach, the moms served as their coaches.
 This was taken during the first elimination round.  They won and advanced to to the next round.  They scored 38 while the other school scored 20.
 The school principal was there cheering them on also.
Below is the video of the first elimination round which was  set for ten minutes.  I was  so nervous that this video is so shaky lol.

They finished 9th place out of 24 teams so it wasn't a bad result.   Taking our son with us and watching the event  inspired him.  He said he wants to do it too when he's in 8th grade so we saved all of our daughter's study material.  All we have to do is update the political info next time if there are changes.  Our daughter said she would be will to help  coach.

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