Sunday, September 4, 2011

Movie Night at Howell's

The Howells, our neighbor whom we love much, invited us for a movie night last Wednesday.

They baked us some cookies and popped some corn for snack.
We watched the Tangled then after that we played blocks and the chutes and ladders.
I love them because they are kids at heart. Mommy taught us to called them Ate ( a respectful way of calling ladies that are older than us)and Tita for their Mom.
One time, my brother told Ate Sarah that he is in love hahaha.
We love Tita Angie, Ate Sarah and Ate Elizabeth. They are always willing to play with us.
I am so glad that even if they are grown up already, they still have toys and other ACTIVITIES for us in their home.
My Mom fetched us at 10 o'clock that night. Thank you for having us ladies, we truly APPRECIATE it.

Epcot Exploration

The last attraction that we explore in Disney World is Epcot. We only did three things in there but it was fun.
This is just the start of our exciting expedition in Epcot.
I like the travel we made in outer space.

Thanks everyone for visiting.

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