Monday, March 28, 2016

Incentive for High Grades

This year, I am challenging my kids to maintain their high grades. I told them at the beginning of the year that I will give an incentive of $100 if they can maintain a grade of 100 from the first grading up to the final grades.
So far, my daughter is maintaining her grades to  100 from the first grading to the third.    Our son has high grades too but  his grades fluctuates because he doesn't like to study.  Our son is equally smart as his sister but  he is the type that would just read his notes once and that  is it, he got it.  It doesn't work all the time  but  his grade is still great.  He is almost kind of has a  photographic memory.  It makes me happy that choosing  to be a work-at-home-mom is paying off as hubby  and  I can really focus in helping the kids. 
When I got pregnant, hubby and I   made a decision  that one of us should be a full time parent so giving up my career is something that I don't regret doing.  I can fully take care  of my kids and be there for my family  all the time.  I was their first teacher as I taught them at home during their pre-school years.  The joy of it all is that, they remember that bond that  we had when  we were  doing our learning at home.  They called me Mommy teacher when they were little.  
I  salute those  working Moms who can do it all, have a full time career  and be there for  their kids.  Sometimes it doesn't always work out well for the kids so working parents   find private tutor for their children.    Luckily, there are so many private tutors nowadays that you can  find.  With the  help of Internet, private tutoring is no longer an issue for parents.  
I am blessed to have   smart kids as I can't afford to have tutors for both of them.  In return for their  hard work in school, we give them rewards  once in a while.  Parenting is  no easy job, it just need  dedication  and hard work for both parents.

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