Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Field Trip at University of Pittsburgh's Heinz Memorial Chapel and more

On March 29th, the 8th graders  had their field trip in Pittsburgh, PA.  They toured the Heinz Memorial Chapel inside the University of Pittsburgh.  They also went to the Cathedral of Learning and attended a mass at St. Paul's Cathedral.  
I would like to thank their Homeroom Mom, Mrs. Arnold for organizing this event and for spending her day off from work to be with these young individuals.  The photos she took are also greatly appreciated.  
The Heinz Memorial Chapel began as a gift.  Henry John Heinz, the founder of the  the H.J. Heinz Co., wanted to honor his mother, Anna MarThe go=round was broken for this building in 1933, the cornerstone was laid in 1934, and it was dedicated in 1938.garetta Heinz, with a building at the University.
Various religious services are held in the chapel, but it belongs to no one.  From its beginnings, the chapel was intended to be interdenominational.  The chapel is open daily throughout the year except for the University holidays.
The chapel has stood more than half a  century.  Through it all, the chapel has fulfilled its mission as a vital part  of the University of Pittsburgh and the community.  If you are interested in seeing this place, it is located  4200 Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA.
My daughter also took some photos  using her phone, below are some of them.

This aspect of learning is not part of the  public school system which is why we chose to send our kids to Catholic school.
My daughter was drawn to the aisle windows as it depicts well-known hymns.
I would love to see all of these chapels they went to on that day.  I love  looking at churches especially the very old ones.
Their next field trip will be a big one, it's going to be in Washington DC.  I will be accompanying my daughter since she will be the one to offer the wreath.   We will be  dead tired since we will be leaving the day  after we come back from Charleston, the championship round for the History Bowl.  This is going to be a rough week for us but it's okay, we will be gaining a lot of learning from it.  Hopefully, we will have  a safe travels for all these activities.

Retreat At Sacred Heart of Mary

On April 1st, my daughter's class  had their  retreat at Sacred Heart of Mary.  Retreat is one of their activities  before  they graduate.  This reminds me of the last retreat I've attended during my college years from Divine Word College of Legazpi.  It was a great experience and I kind of miss  doing it.
This  whole day event  gave these young adults  to reflect and have  fun at the same time.  They did different activities.  Prior to this day, we were asked to write a letter to them.  My daughter said everyone was crying reading their letters.  It is also a great way for them to bond before they go on separate ways when they go to  different schools in high school.
At the end of this event, there was a holy mass and families were invited to attend so we went.  It was great ending it with a mass celebration since the families get to be part of this awesome activity for the 8th graders.
Looking at  the pictures that I took, I realized there's not a single one with my son in it.  He was also part of this  event since he served during the mass.  Then again, he doesn't to be photographed  nowadays, it's that stage of lives where taking pictures is becoming annoying or not allowed, sigh.  
Our pastor at St. Joseph  is also the one that oversees Sacred Heart of Mary.  We attend mass there on special occasion.
After the mass celebration,  each student  gave a rose to their parents while the song "You Raise Me Up" was being sung by the school's music teacher.  It was a very  touching and emotional moment that brought some tears.  

The Rose is without an explanation; She blooms, because She blooms. Angelus Silesius

I find this quote   by Clive Bell, to be very intriguing.
"A rose is the visible result of an infinitude of complicated goings on in the bosom of the earth and in the air above, and similarly a work of art is the product of strange activities in the human mind. " - Clive Bell

These kids will soon depart St. Joseph the Worker Grade School. They only have few more weeks to spend in this school. The last two months are the busiest, they have so many activities to do including field trips, volunteering, and other fun things that are scheduled and planned by their homeroom teacher and homeroom Moms.

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