Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soergels Orchards

One of my daughter's  classmates/friend invited her to  go with them at a pumpkin patch.  Since we already went to  another pumpkin farm, we did not go but we let her go with them.  They went to Soergel Orchards, a family  owned  farm  started way back in 1850 by a German immigrant  name John  Conrad  Soergel.  It's amazing how they keep it going till this day.  We have never been to this orchard so we are planning to go there  next year.  My son was bummed out when he found out that one of his classmates were with them.  The farm is  located in Wexford PA.

I a glad that  the Mom who invited my daughter took some photos and sent it to me.  Thanks  Mrs. V!

Toyota 4Runner , Let's Go Places

As you look at toyota 4runner sales & discounts, you need to remember that all SUVs are better with accessories. This makes them even more capable than they already are. This is important since SUVs are meant to be used differently than standard cars, so having accessories that help can really allows them to fulfill their role in your life.

For instance, you probably want to get a roof rack. Your new car may come with roof bars already installed, or they could be an option that you can choose if you want them. Check with the dealer before ordering the car, as it is more expensive to have them put on after you own the vehicle. You can then get crossbars for the roof rack and use the top of your vehicle to carry things, such as a Christmas tree. You could also get a special rack for a kayak or one for a bike, making it easier to bring your toys along when you are leaving the highway behind. 

Another accessory that you may want to consider is a trailer hitch. SUVs tend to be very good for hauling trailers because they have powerful engines, but you need a hitch to be able to do it. In many ways, this makes your SUV as useful as a pickup truck, even though it is as comfortable as a car. If you want the hauling ability of a truck without the stiff on-road suspension, this is a terrific option for you.

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...