Thursday, August 20, 2020

Higher Graduation Rate and More Life Earnings: The Benefits of Reading

As well as providing endless enjoyment for both parents and children, reading to children has so many social and educational benefits! These benefits carry all the way through to college and working life, making it the perfect activity for preparing little ones for a successful future.
Extensive research has been done to show how valuable reading to your children is. It has been stated by The 90% Reading Goal that 77% of children who begin reading at a second to eighth-grade level at the beginning of their third grade will graduate high school. As well as this, only 27% of children reading at a lower level than this will graduate. Reading aloud to your children is a fantastic way to boost their confidence and familiarity with reading from an early age, ensuring they’re much more prepared to reach this reading level at elementary school. Just 20 minutes a day is enough to obtain the amazing benefits.

One major benefit of reading aloud to your children is faster development of communication skills, making children become more familiar with language and expression. Personalized books are amazing for developing this skill, since children will be able to relate to the story and in turn communicate the tale and the setting to their parents in a more effective way. You can find some fantastic personalized children’s books here!
While nurturing your parent-child bond during those 20 minutes a day, children will also be likely to perform higher academically. They’ll learn to be educated in different environments, as well as learn literacy skills from a young age when they delve in a magical world of adventure and learning.

Not Enough Parents Read to Their Kids for Long Enough

In The Book, a children’s book publisher, then wanted to discover just how many parents were reading to their children for 20 minutes a day. After surveying a thousand parents of children aged 0-5, they found out that only 18% of parents were reading to their children for 20 minutes a day! With keeping children engaged sometimes a difficult task, being more creative and active with story time is a great way to keep children looking forward to the activity. Even more, 20 minutes a day seems like no time at all to achieve the benefits for their development!

Even more fascinating is the discovery by The 90% Reading Goal that a child’s lifetime earnings, if they graduated high school, can increase to over $500,000 dollars more than dropouts. Therefore, reading aloud to them will better prepare them for high school graduation, and ultimately enable them to earn more in their lifetime! By making reading with your children an exciting activity and one you can share together, they’ll get to experience so many academic and monetary advantages, as well as create fond memories of time with their parents.

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