Saturday, May 16, 2015

Busy Beavers

On weekeneds, my children gets to play with their  iPods a lot but I make sure that they are also involve of what we do inside and out of the house.  So if I am cleaning, they are helping me clean as wel.  Those old socks comes in handy in polishing our furniture.  They  polish all of our furitre while I clean the floor or doing laundry.  
 These photos were taken  last month when our  garden are still bare and nothing hasn't grown back yet.  I was doing some  tilling on our graden so they  decided to do a sack race.
Our rabbit was still alive when these were taken so his house was still  standing in our backyard.
 It is no longer there as I asked my husband to tear it down.  He didn't want to remove it becausehe was thinking of replacing Wubzy but I said I am done, it is hard to see pets die.
 I always thank God that He gave us two children.  When hubby and I got married, we said that we would only try to have  one child  so we can focus all our attention to her or him but God gave us another one and we are so blessed.
I told my daughter, imagine how boring her life  could have been if she  doesn't a have a  sibling to  play  with or  give a hard time to once in a while lol.  Life is great with these busy Beavers, they make our married  wonderful!

My First Thought of this Trombone Cup.

I was looking at this trombone cup mute on the screen of my computer and thought what is that thing?  Funny because I thought It is some kind of kitchen device but upon reading the   details, I found out that it is an adjustable tenor trombone that creates  an exciting  tonal  quality to achieve a near perfect intonation of the sound that trombone creates.  

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