Friday, July 12, 2013

Celebrating Life, Beautifully with Isabelle Grace Jewelry

"Live it.  Love it.  Cherish it."  A beautiful line that  Isabelle Grace Jewelry puts in their finely crafted jewelry pieces.  I am very fortunate to have given a chance to  review one of their  beautiful necklaces with an engraved "Mom" on the front and  says "You hold my heart" at the back.  Isabelle  Grace is all about celebrating life beautifully.  You can share  some stories  and  be an inspiration to others.  

I would love to give this  beautiful piece to my dearest mother who sacrificed a  lot of things in order to  raised  me and my 8 siblings.  When I was younger, I saw how my mother worked so hard just to make sure that all of her kids are  cleaned and fed everyday.  She could have easily left because  of my father's drinking  problem but she stuck around because she  didn't want us to  grow up in a broken home.

The admiration and respect   I have for my  mother  unfolds a gazilion times when I became a mother myself.  I only have two children and I feel like my motherhood  world is crashing sometimes so I can't  imagine how stressful it was for my  Mama with 9 kids.  I always tell myself that if my mother  successfully raised her  children  very well, I can do it as well.

I am so blessed that I have a very patient, understanding, passionate, and loving mother.  I love you so much Mama and I  miss you terribly.  I wish that I could fly and see you every so often.
Photo was taken in 2005 when I was leaving our country, Mama cried a river and so did I!
I was 7 months preggy in the photo.

Isabelle Grace Jewelry also has  other designs aside from Mom necklaces, you can order a customized name   in a pendant as well, just like the ones in the selection  at the photo above.

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog  was NOT financially compensated in writing this article.  The product mentioned above was provided  for FREE  for evaluation/review purposes.

Forest Drums

My kids are having a blast today. We stayed at our backyard playing for about two hours and when we came in, my daughter played the piano while my son sung the song "Forest Drums". It feels good to listen and watch these two does music together. Sometimes, I imagine them growing up playing in a bad together with the band clamp and other instruments. You may watch the short video below.

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