Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ms Burrito is getting hooked with crocheting.  Even when she just wake up, she would start doing it already lol.
My FIL gave her a bunch of  yarn so  she got inspired to make some leg warmers.  She uses the machine that Dad gave her too.  Here are some of her creations.  We used some of  the short leg warmer  to make pencil  holder by recycling  empty bottles of water and the lid of the  fabric softener.
I used some of their  small toys to accesories it.  
Crocheting is an X-cellent  hobby for little girls during summer break.  Keeps them busy and  at the same time eXercise their creativity.  Okay, I know that those aren't real X words but here is a good one, Xenophobia,  an irrational fear of  foreigners or strangers.  
She is very proud of what she created..  Her kitchen should have one too, of curse hehehe.
My daughter is the type that  won't sit around and do nothing.  She constantly  look for things that she could do.  She reminds me of my mother who never want to  take a rest.

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