Saturday, July 7, 2018

TEEN-Thirteen-13! Happy Birthday Sweet Rye Bean!

Dearest Daughter,

Do you remember when we ran our first marathon?  You were still inside Mommy's tummy.  That was our long flight together as well.  You must be thinking what kind of mother you will be having because we ran a long ways  to catch our connecting flight  in Houston.  You were such a  real trooper.  You held on and  told me that we can do it, that we can make it to the other end.  I am thankful that even though Mommy got sick  from all that running, you were alright.
Do you also remember when 2 weeks before you are due, we had to  ride with Daddy on a long  road trip to Maryland to get our car that was shipped from Guam?  Yeah, that bumpy ride we had.  Again, you were a real trooper, despite the doctor's advice for us to  travel, we managed to do it.  You are definitely my baby, a fighter and a strong one at that.

It's been 13 years, I can't believe that time   goes fast.  I guess we are having so much fun that we hardly notice it that you are now a teen.  In my eyes, you are still my teeny tiny baby I was holding when you were born.  

As you celebrate your birthday,  I want to thank you for all the joys you brought and continue to bring into our lives.  Our lives won't be complete without you.  We are so proud of the little woman you are becoming.  Smart, beautiful, and kind!  We can't ask for more, God truly blessed us  a daughter that anyone can be proud of.  Always remember that no matter  where life takes you or success you attain, to keep your feet on the ground always.  

As scared as I am  to see you grow, I am confident that you will be a great  person, that you will be just fine, that you will conquer the world and  deal with whatever life  would throw at you.  We will be here for you no matter what the circumstance is.  Be fierce but be kind, be  honest but be thoughtful, be carefree and be YOU!
I hope and pray that God will continue to bless you with good health and  guide you  to be  the person that He designed you to be.  



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