Monday, April 11, 2016

Spartan's First Volleyball Win

The SJS volleybal team had their first game  last April 5th at Bishop John King Mussio Central.  Their opponent was the BJKM's volleyball team.  Rylie was very  nervous as it was her first game.  Unlike most of her  classmates, this is the   only game that she play so she doesn't have much expierience when it comes to sports.  She is the  smallest and the shortest  among her team so she find it hard to serve but she tried her very best during the practices.
 Entrance fee was $3 for addults and $2 for students.  I was surprised that most of the audience was from our school.  That's  probably why the morale of our  players were pretty high.
 After we   signed in and paid our fees, the players had the chance to warm up.
 I am so glad that  our Baby Girl have found a sport that she likes.  She never wanted ti  try sports but I kind of talked her into trying volleyball as I love the  sports.  I played volleyball in high school and college although I wasn't very good at it lol.  I even played with my  co-workers when I was already working in school.  We used to   get together during the weekend and played volleyvball.
 I think that's one of the convinxing factor  why my daughter tried it.  She used to say she doesn't want to try sports because she is so little.  I told her that being little is not an excuse if you want to try  sports, it is in your will and determination.
 So glad that she tried it because now she really loves it.  She look forward for every practice.
 Aside from the physical aspect of the sport, I think the valuable lesson she will learn on playing with teams is the ability to work with other people.  Teamwork is crucial to success when you are playing this kind of sports.
 We were so ikpressed of how  all the girls played so well  on their first game.  Being a guest on other school can be intimidating sometimes but  it didn't seem to affect them.
 Even the  siblings were big supporters of their sisters.
 I was very surprised that  Rylie served so well compared to what I've seen during the practices.  I think she is getting better each time.
 I love that they were communicaing with each other really well.
 In this picture, she called  it "Mine!" which made me so proud.
 Here's Lizzy, she hits  the ball really hard.  I've seen her do it during the practices that it would topuch the ceiling lol.
 During the game, it was no different.  LIzzy hit the ball and went up and never came down lol.  It was awesome!
 All of them were laughing like "What just happen?"
 Here's our little one  serving.  I was very proud when the ball  went over the net, yeah!  I was worried about it because during the practices, she was getting so frustrated because she couldn't get the ball to go over the net.  But during the  actual game, she was able to do it  many times  wich boosted her confidence.
For some reason, the  scorers mislabeled the scores.  The 25 should be the guest and  home should be 14 but it's okay, we won!
 Chilling out after the game and  savoring the victory with one of her BFFs.
Spartans won four games that day.  Their next games will be next week  at the same school  and will play against the same  teams, the BJKM.  Hopefully, they would do  well again.  That is it for now, it's time to practice again.  Go Spartans, congratulations on the first win of the season.  

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