Monday, February 24, 2014

Being a MoM

Painting  nails is not my kind of thing but it's one of those things that I like doing with my little lady, Ms. Burrito.  If it makes her happy, it makes me happy too.  We seldom paint our nails, only when there's special occasion.  I painted her nails last Christmas, she asked me to because she has to play piano in the church.  I told her, nobody will see your nails and she said, "I know but it makes me feel good to put my fingers on top of the piano when it is newly painted".  Okay young lady, you got a point lol.  
Being a Mom, you have to be versatile, you have to learn things that you didn't normally do when you were still single.  It can be overwhelming but at the end of the day, you are still contented especially when you see the smiles on your children's face.  No high paying job can top  that, the feeling of being  a Mom, the feeling of being appreciated of what you do, and the feeling of being loved-back!

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