Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mother's Day Gifts My Kids Made for me this Year - 2015

With the help of the art teacher in school, my Burritos always have special gifts for me  on Mother's day ever since they started going to school.  I am sad to say that this is the last year that we are going to see the art teacher, she is going to retire which the kids and I will miss so much.  She is a very  kind and nicest  teacher. We wish you good luck  Mrs. Wright, may enjoy your retirement, and we will surely miss you.
 My daughter made this flower and a shrinky dink Mommy badge.
 I put it together with the  flower she also made me a couple if years ago.
She also gave me this little pot with a pack of seed  and a card in it.  This was initiated  by their  religion teach which was very nice.  Unfortunately, the seeds never grew.  I put them in our garden but no luck.
 My son surprised me with this paintingm thanks to Mrs. Wright for encouraging EJ to  continue developing his   skills in art.  He doesmn't think that he is capable of  drawing anything but I think he is as good as his sister.  He just have to believe that he too, can do it.
 This is why, I will miss  Mrs. Wright so much because she always makes projects like this with the kids.  I hope that the new art teacher will do the same.
 These are the kind of gifts that I love the most.  I don't care for store bought presents.  I love to see their  creativity comes out when they make something.
Oh, I almost forgot, they also got me something that I need in the kitchenm you can see it here. They also cooked some yummy meals for me on that day. How about you, what did  your children get for youon Mother's day?

Parental Monitoring- Ensuring Internet Safety of Teens from Intimidators Online

Whenever we talk about cyberbullying, we always focus on the victims but never think why did bully do this? As cyberbullying is growing so dramatically, it’s time we looked at the both ends of cyberbullying. According to the psychologists, in most of the cases, bullies themselves need help to control their misplaced anger. Today, the Internet safety for teens is becoming important not only to protect them from becoming a target of bullies, but we have to ensure online safety to stop our kids from becoming bullies. Web monitoring is not an option it’s a must-have today!

Treat both ends of cyberbullying equally

Apparently, cyberbullies seem very bit mean and dangerous to all of us but the truth is that it's their misplaced anger which they exhibit by bullying others. At times, bullies could bully because they are being bullied by other kids online and to avoid abuse from other kids, they hurt and harm and hide their fears. Social Work Degree Guide shared an Infographic which enhanced my knowledge and understanding of cyberbullying, so I’m sharing it with you; have a look:
The biggest cause of the bullying attitude could be a result of misplaced anger or bullies may be suffering from abuse from another bully online or could be by a family member. We have to understand what victims go through after bullying incidents and also what is the secret life of bullies. Such abusive behavior could be corrected by anger management, interventions and psychotherapy for bullies, but it’s only possible by staying connected with them 24/7. Try to stay in touch with whatever kids do online, it can help you to make Web a safe place to surf and interact.

And here, web safety apps come in handy. These apps are pretty useful because they let parents keep an eye on their kids’ online activities and thus can help them pin point of something is disturbing. There are certain websites and apps only meant for cyberbullying like Burnbook, etc.  There is a mobile parental control app called FamilyTime which is getting popular among parents. This app is capable of letting the parents check their children’s phone usage stats, locations and the web history.  With FamilyTime, parents can:
  • View web history on their child’s phone remotely 
  • Track all their bookmarks with URLs and other details 
Parents have to install the parents’ version of the app- FamilyTime - Dashboard on their phones and then install the child app from their online dashboard on child’s iPhone or Android phone. The app then collects all info and web history from child phone and uploads it on the FamilyTime - Dashboard app.
This way, you can keep an eye on your children’s online behavior and can make them responsible digital citizens. And if you feel like your child is developing the traits of a bully, you will be better prepared to handle the situation. The FamilyTime - Dashboard app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play and iTunes app store or from the buttons below:    

App Store  google play 

With this smart parental monitoring app, FamilyTime, you can stop your kids from getting mean online and can prevent their likelihood to become a victim, too. FamilyTime is a feature-packed app to avert cyberbullying so you can try it too. Switch to smart parenting today and take your part in ensuring the Internet safety for teens!

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