Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Season, Pumpkin Land Fun

October means  pumpkin season so what more could be  fun than visiting pumpkin patch right.  We  hot the  road yesterday  and went to Janoski's Farm in PA.  I was bummed out that the battery of the camera I brought was drained so I use my cellphone to take these photos.
We saw our neighbor  there and  my daughter's classmates so they had so much fun!
Visit to the pumpkin land is not complete without  fried dough, one of my daughter's favorite.  They were bummed out to find out that the petting zoo was closed and that they can only look at them from outside.  Nevertheless, they found fun in doing other stuff such as:
Ms. Burrito was itching real bad  from the hay so she was not smiling at this  very last photo.  We bought a 30 pounder pumpkin and two small ones.  We will be carving it soon.

Staying Fit

Dedicated to  staying fit, these two always  wants to go with us on a long walk and bike riding.  I hope that their dedication to staying fit would  linger on for  life.  

I am actually  impressed  of how they can physically keep up with us when we go for a very long walk.

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