Monday, March 31, 2014

On Getting Married

I talked top my mother today for   about  one and  half hours regarding my sister who was hospitalized from a bad infection.   She went to the city to check on my sister because she was so worried.   I was worried sick too when my friend informed me that she was in the hospital because I know that she  doesn't have anybody there to help her out. Glad that she has her boyfriend   there who  rushed her to the hospital.  My sister is now out of danger so my mother is going back to our town.

She mentioned that her house  is in badly need of repair especially the  steel bars of the windows that got rusted.  She said that she will need some Steel Supplies  for the repair.  That means that I have to include that budget to my next  budget allocation.  I wish I have extra  income to subsidized my  family's needs all the time.  I am  grateful that  my mother understand  our situation here.  We do send her  her money as much as we could  to help her out.   My Mom told me that she talked to my sister about  focusing on   passing the licensure examination for teachers before thinking of getting married so she could secure her  license to teach first before settling down.  I told my Mom that it was a needed conversation with my sister because I was  worried about it too.  I hope that she would listen to us  because it is for her own good.  Otherwise, she might  want to Check out these Wedding Ribbons if she decided the other way.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saint Day Mass

At St. Joseph School, every class has their own saint to celebrate.  The first grade where my son is now, their class saint  is St. Patrick.  Even though the celebration of St. Patrick  was on Monday last week, they had the mass  on Wednesday on St. Joseph day.  The first grades were the ones  in charge for all the  readings and they also sung a song for all of us before the mass has started. 
My daughter was part of the Bell Choir, they sung all the songs in the mass.
It's very uplifting to see these young generations being trained at church.  This  really  teach him how to overcome their  stage fright.  
It was  their Saint Day so  the kids were allowed to dress up  instead of wearing their uniforms.  Mrs. Gain, the teacher did a really good job with the kids.
Another school  year will be ending soon.  I can't believe my son will be in 2nd grade already and  Ms. Burrito will be in 4th.  Whew, where did the time go?  Anyway, before you go, here are the  short videos I recorded.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Book a Last Minute Holiday the Kids will Love

If you have school-aged children and want to take a last minute holiday, it can be a little challenging, due to academic schedule constraints. However, taking a fun holiday with the kids can be unforgettable in the best possible way, especially if you participate in speedy yet thorough planning. Keep reading to learn more.
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Speak to the school

If your children generally have reliable attendance habits, it's worth talking to officials to see if it would be possible for them to miss a few days of class to take a holiday. That may be permitted in some instances, such as if you're celebrating a birthday.

Otherwise, take a look at the calendar and note any national holidays that will give your kids days off from school. By planning a bit in advance, everyone will have a more enjoyable time because you won't have to worry about permitting your children to sacrifice their academic responsibilities.

Set a budget

One of the main reasons why many families decide to book a spontaneous holiday is because it's possible to save significant amounts of money by booking this way, provided you're willing to make plans in a hurry. It's still necessary to plan and figure out your budget and determine whether or not you have any wiggle room. While setting a price for how much you can spend, don't forget to accommodate for some special activities that may have particular significance for the kids.

For example, maybe your daughter has always wanted to go horseback riding on the beach or your son has dreams of one day being a helicopter pilot. Excursions like an equestrian trip or helicopter tour will take some money out of your budget, but they will also give your kids holidays they'll remember fondly.

Consider renting directly from an owner

One consistent expense associated with all cheap late holidays is accommodation. If you're willing to consider the possibility of not staying at a resort, think about renting a holiday home directly from the property owner. Many people who have holiday homes list them online, allowing potential occupants to browse at their leisure. Often, the price paid per night is much less than you might expect.

These three suggestions are all related to preparing to take a trip. Once you have the foundations in place, it will be much easier to take a relaxing break that will make your kids think their parents are expert vacation planners.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cool Display #CarnegieScienceCenter

I forgot what this exhibit is called but it is so cool that my daughter stayed on it for aa while. She was fascinated of seeing how the oil is separated from the water. as you tip the container back and forth.
I just now noticed that my boots were on the  reflection of the mirror , do you see it?
See how  pretty the bubbles from the oil makes an art?  It's just gorgeous!  These were taken at Carnegie Science Center.  I wish I could have got the details about this display so I can elaborate what the importance of this is.  But posting it anyway for your eyes satisfaction only minus the educational part.

Why your Child Should Take Piano Lessons

If you’re considering what instrument your child could learn then the piano certainly makes for a popular option; however there are plenty more reasons why learning to play the piano should be your first choice, and some be pretty surprising.

Improve your child’s cognition
Learning to play the piano is a relatively complex process, and the concepts involved are pretty demanding on the grey matter. Throughout learning to play the piano your child’s cognition will improve and their mental abilities will increase, and whatsmore, there’s scientific research to prove it! Numerous studies have found that musicians have a higher IQ than none instrument players, and because piano playing involves using both sides of the brain it is far more brain power building than many other more simple items.

Piano playing is the ultimate stress buster
Learning to play any instrument can be relaxing, but learning to play the piano, and the fact that many songs require a bit of passion can act as the ultimate stress buster. There’s nothing better for a piano player that may have had a rather bad day being able to unwind with an energetic rendition of their favorite song.

Improve your child’s hand-eye co-ordination
Learning to play the piano involves the use of both hands over two sets of keys as well as pedal operation; throughout their lessons their hand-eye co-ordination will improve, which means that they’ll become better at other activities, such as playing sport.

It can help your child master other instruments
Learning to play the piano involves rhythm, bass clef, and treble clef, which are all common features of other instruments. From the moment your child has a grasp of the basics they’re at an advantage for learning other instruments. First Tutors have said that they often see children focus on one instrument and then pick up others quickly and easily afterwards with little or no tutoring

Help your child build their Self-Confidence
There are few things that parents want more in life than for their child to be happy and confident; learning to perform any instrument is a great way of building confidence, particularly when they get over their first recital.

This also means that they may be far more comfortable at doing things such as speaking in front of large groups of people, which is a vital skill to have throughout any academic career.

Give your child a lifelong talent
Playing the piano is a skill that will stay with your child for the rest of their life; whilst they may undertake other hobbies and sports that will be forgotten with age, piano playing stays ingrained within the memory, and there are many people into their 80s and 90s that can perfectly recall piano playing.

It’s fun!
If for no other reason you should consider the piano as the instrument for your child it’s that it’s fun! The challenge of learning this great instrument can keep children engaged for hours at a time and mastering a song that they’ve been working on for weeks is always highly enjoyable.
Oh and one last thing… having your child practice at home will inevitably be more enjoyable for the other inhabitants if they aren’t bashing away at the drums!

My daughter playing Beethoven's Fur Elise

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Canyon Diablo Meteorite

This Canyon Diablo Meteorite was displayed outside the BUHL Planetarium.
This iron nickel meteorite is the fifth large piece of meteorite that was recovered from the Barrier Meter Crater near Winslew Arizona. The original meteorite or or parent body weighing several million tons
Both of them were so fascinated by this piece of meteorite.  This reminds me of the movies Armageddon and Deep Impact.  Watching those movies makes you think, what if...???

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick Feast In School

This week is the busiest for me with school related activities for the kids. Some moms including myself helped the first and kindergarten teachers to serve green pancake, green, egg and green milk for the kindergartner and first graders.  This is the teacher's way of cooking for the kids.  
I must admit that all of the kids had so much fun and they enjoyed everything we served.  It was like the best pancake and  scrambled eggs  they  have  ever eaten lol.
The teachers were the ones who  cooked and then we served them to the kids.
This is one of the many things we like about the school where my kids goes.  The teachers truly care for every student they have.  They treat them like their own children which is very commendable.
The teachers in my children school does not get paid much because their pay rate is based from the tuition fee which is not much compared to  the teachers from public schools.  That's why, there are homeroom Moms and other volunteers who does other work in school rather than hiring someone to do it because  the fund is not sufficient.  For that reason,  the parents make sure to give the teachers  gifts  on special occasion  because  we know how hard they work for our kids.
Most of the teachers in  the school  teaches because they love what they do even if the salary is  very  small.  I  commend all of them  for doing such  great jobs in molding our kids.

Anyway,  today I also helped  with the book fair at the library and will go back tomorrow.  Will also  attend the St. Patrick mass, my son is one of the readers so he wants me to be there.  Such a busy  world for Moms but it's worth every second I spend  being with them.

Wet N Wild Emerald Point

Every town has its own charms and list of places you absolutely have to go when traveling there. Greensboro, North Carolina, is no exception. If you're vacationing in the Carolinas with your family and need a little help planning daily excursions, consider checking out one of these local sights.

1. Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

This military park is a historical landmark. Here was fought one of the most important battles in the Revolutionary War. With an electronic map to guide you through the site, you can learn all about the history behind Guilford Courthouse. This is an excellent choice for families who are looking for something educational.

2. Greensboro Historical Museum

This museum is one of the most engaging historical museums in the country with plenty of interactive exhibits for children and impressive replicas of old stores. Stop inside the movie theater and watch a silent film, or survey the collection of former First Ladies' gowns. It's a great way to get a sense of Greensboro and how the city has grown and changed over the centuries.

3. Greensboro Science Center

Maybe you and your Greensboro travel companions aren't so much into history, but chances are you'll love the Science Center. The zoo and the "sciquarium" feature displays of all kinds of animals as well as more traditional science museum displays like weather and the human body. With all the activities you and your family can participate in, it's easy to spend the whole day here.

4. The Bog Garden

If you're the outdoors type, take a walk across the bridge through the bog and enjoy communing with nature. It's not a long walk from beginning to end, but it's refreshing and surprisingly quiet, given that it is a local tourist attraction, for a lovely way to decompress after a busy day of sightseeing.

5. Triad Stage

For the performing arts fans traveling through Greensboro, see what's playing at the Triad because you'll want to get tickets. It's an intimate 300-seat theater showcasing both contemporary and classic theater with quality performances from local actors. It often ranks in nationwide lists of regional theaters.

6. Wet N Wild Emerald Point

Are the kids tired of museums, art and educational stops? Then finish off your visit to Greensboro with a day at this amusement park. There are many rides for kids and adults of all ages as well as plenty of places to just lounge and relax while the younger ones are off enjoying the park.
Photo isn't mine

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cat in a Hat

The first graders have celebrated Dr. Seuss day on the last day of February.  They were allowed to  wear  costume but I did not have time to buy my son one so  he went  to school with his school uniform.  When he came home that day, he was wearing a hat so I took some photos of him of course hehehe.
So here's my  cat in a hat,  a happy one.
Dr. Seuss day is another fun day for  small kids to celebrate.  They  watch a movie and read books about Dr. Seuss.

EmbarK¹² Family of Preschool Programs by K¹²

This post brought to you by K12, the leader in online education. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the families we know in the area asked me some  details about  my children's school.  Their eldest child is about to  start going to school soon.  They are  not sure if they would  put their child to the pre-school program.  I told them to check out the Kindergarten readiness programs by K12. Try a sample activity today.  I am not sure if  they would be able to do it though because they are both  working but they have a nanny that could assist their kids on this stuff.  
I am so glad that I am able to find   something that I can do at home to earn extra income because it gave me an opportunity to be a hands-on Mom for my kids.  I taught them both at home during their pre-school years and  we all love the result.    I just wish that I could have had an idea that there is an EmbarK12 Online - Over 830 interactive activities to engage your preschooler.  I could have  taught my children more things but  I guess what me and my husband taught them was good enough because they  are doing great in school.  If you ever want to  avail the EmbarK¹²  Family of Preschool Programs by K¹² , you can use the promo code EmbarkEspecial to enjoy a 50% discount.  
You can check out the EmbarK12 Comprehensive- Online and hands-on preschool program for your early learner. To find out more about their program, you can watch the video below.

Readers Digest Turned into Fish

I found this old Reader's Digest at our bookshelf and thought of turning it into something artsy. I found a video how to make a fish out of magazine so that's what I did.  I put this  craft fish at my Dad's   computer desk and he likes it.  This is very easy to do.  I love browsing Youtube videos on crafts because I learned a lot of stuff.
What do you think?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mega Eggs

My daughter was fascinated by these mega eggs displayed at Hobby Lobby.  She said that it would be nice to find one of these during Easter Egg Hunt and find  a full Easter treat inside.
It would take  5-10 bags of candies to fill this up lol..  This would be nice to display during  Easter parties in school.  Have you seen this kind of mega eggs from the store?

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...