Tuesday, January 24, 2023

EJ Turned Sixteen

I can't believe my youngest is now 16!  Where did the time go?  Wow, I can't believe how time gone by so fast.  I still remember when they were little and can't get enough of us, now they are kind of have their own set of friends and different interests than ours so they do their own thing without us sometimes.  With EJ though, he is a homebody, he prefers to hang out at home which I'm glad.  

Our son is a happy-go-lucky guy and doesn't try hard in school but he is equally smart as our daughter.  The only difference is that, she's more focused on her studies but he isn't.  He remind me so much of my brothers who weren't into studying.  Sometimes I worry but I have to remind myself that he is boy and he is young.  He might change his attitude once he becomes an adult.
For his birthday, we took him to his favorite restaurant and had dinner with him.  His sister had to work so she couldn't go with us, however, we all had dinner together from a different restaurant the day before.
I don't like comparing my two kids but sometimes I can't help but to do it to encourage our son to be more focused in doing things.  Just like when our daughter turned 15, she immediately wanted a driving permit which she got right away. When she turned 16, she got her license.   It took us a lot of convincing for our son to get his permit and I'm happy that he has it now coz he can start practice driving.
I just wish that he would not care too much of what others think of him especially his appearance.  It makes me sad to know that despite him being outgoing more that his sister, he feels anxious about social interactions from time to time.  Then again I can totally relate because I am the same way.
Hubby is definitely enjoying bonding with him in the gym.  They work out together which is very special.  Sometimes I feel lost of what they talk about but I'm very happy to see of how they have a special relationship as a dad and son.
Looking at this pic makes me miss when they were little but at the same time, I am glad that we get to witness every milestone in their lives.  
It makes me happy to see both kids are growing up the way we want  them to.  We might not be able to provide them the best of things but we make sure that they are well loved by us and that they know how much we love them.

I love the fact that they are so close in age and they are very close with each other.  At their age (17 and 16), they still go to our bedroom almost every night to talk before we go to sleep.  I think it's very important for every parent to have an open communication with their children.  

To my ever dearest EJ,

I am always grateful that you are such a very loving son and that God gave us a precious gift.  We may not always give you the best of everything but know that we will always be there for you no matter what.  Do not be afraid to explore and learn things.  Soon, you will become an adult and I hope that we guided  you enough to be a responsible one.  We wish you all the best Anak.



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