Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friendly Teacher

My Burritos were so antsy to go to school last Thursday. It was the day to officially register them for this school year. We pre-registered our son already so it was easy. It was my firs time registering the kids without hubby as he was at work. Anyhow, we went so early, the registration is 9:00 but we were there 30 minutes earlier.
We were the early birds in school, the very first to come actually.  While waiting  for the registration to start, I got to take  a few snaps of my Burritos.
We brought  Mr. Burrito's  school supplies  so we don't have to carry them tomorrow.   His sister helped him in putting away his stuff in his cabby   
Teachers always prepares  treat for each students.  Here's what inside Mr. Burrito's treat bag minus the   sweets lol.
His  teacher is very friendly  which makes it easier for him.  Teacher's friendliness is a great help to make children feel comfortable in going to the classroom everyday.

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